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What are we missing....

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Ive seen other vids on youtube with the purple keepers and they drop the "Cursed" symbols. I dont think its fake at all, were all just missing something

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The building are not checkered on 360.

The AS doesn't have mixed colors on 360.

The gate worms don't get mixed colors on 360.

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@Rago11706 I did watch the video yesterday, and saw it when it was posted on reddit a couple of months ago. I have to agree that I believe it to be fake. It triggers at the end of round 7, for what seems like no apparent reason. The player has no sword and no Apothicon Servant, yet I believe the clue was to destroy the statues. Seems improbable that you would have to destroy the statues before even filling the egg, and that the pack a punch would be able to be altered before the WW is acquired. The steps given also seem to be off. The WW qoutes can be triggered in any location on the map, and are not triggered by 50 kills. There have been some convincing fake videos in the past, so I wouldn't be surprised if this is another one, but one thing I did notice was a black smoke forming behind the pack a punch machine and being drawn into the machine as the machine and cursed symbol turn purple. If it is a fake, then they have taken a lot of time to try and make it look convincing.

At this point, with so few leads, I am willing to be open minded about it, but this video has been around for a long time and no one has been able to replicate it. 

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Those are "Apothicon" Symbols the Keepers drop, but I do agree there is definitely something we are missing.


So once you've opened PaP on 360 the flames are still "Purple".

That all makes sense, little details they didn't add, because it's simply not needed. Don't mean you can't still obtain the Cocoon.


What, I didn't even notice a black smoke behind the machine.

There's just one thing that keeps making me.feel like this is NOT fake. The guys YouTube channel is small, he don't have very many followers on Twitter, no more than I do. Obviously he didn't Give it a lot of thought, or put a lot of time into it, because he simply didn't think it was that big of a deal. 

Fuck he's not even a regular Zombie player, he just plays it every now and again, and posts a video about it. It almost seems accidental.

"D_str_oy th_ st_t__s" could have stood for, focus only on the Ritual items needed and don't worry about the boxes surrounding the statues.

Edited by Ragdo11706

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