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Right above mule kick you can find a black bird (Raven, crow, what have you) just perched up chillin. You can shoot him and he bursts into feathers. Surely this isn't for no reason. There's even paintings of the bird throughout the map!

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I have seen them elsewhere on the map too when I swatch gameplay, but this is very interesting

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If it's in the living quarters (Samantha's room ect) then that crow is looking at a scrap piece of paper, it was found last week and when I went to see it in theater I noticed the bird was pretty much looking at it...but I was unaware there were other birds.

It's hard to say if it's a crow or raven. I researched this a few weeks back when I was digging in campaign and noticed the Corvus project and how we always saw the black birds. Corvus is a word to describe the genus but ravens and crows fall into this so who knows....

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A raven huh? That matches us up with 4 of the Prestige icons now. Ghostly Wolf, Cthulu-like Squid, An Iron-colored Dragon, and now the Red-eyed Raven. Interesting...

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