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Throwback to TranZit (nothing major)

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In TranZit, we found a magazine rack in the bus depot that was full of magazines. One of them was of Birder Monthley, which you can see below (along with the enhanced version).

OqZgkD1.jpg   P9LS8QQ.jpg

Well, in Der Eisendrache, we now have the original painting (image provided by @Schrödinger):


It may not have as much true meaning as other things, but I think it's interesting nonetheless because it's the little things connecting like this that I love!

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Strange.... Anyone else noticed the black bird you can shoot by mule kick that looks just like that?? Gotta be a connection

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I searched pictures of birds with crests, and the bird which looked the most on this one was the Streller's Jay, living in north-west-america (thats also where Tranzit took place).

After that, I searched for the meaning of this bird, and I found this:

" a Steller’s Jay – pay attention to dream time as traveling, journeying and body sensations which will give new insights. Connect with Mother Earth. Steller’s Jay also demonstrates that anything of value, spiritual growth and relationships takes work. It is daily activation of internal resources, let Steller’s Jay show how it is done. Knowledge is collected so future wisdom comes to light. Is it time to set new goals? Envision it and pick the pieces into small ones to completion. He supports strong communication abilities often with sharp jabs. Exercise judgment, care, and diplomacy. The opposite may be true as well. Is it time to be forthright to finally “crack” the issue open? Steller’s Jay shows that a balanced diet is needed. The time period for Steller Jay’s lessons starts manifesting within 17 days. His medicine culminates quickly 18 days later. In one month, emotional and spiritual maturity is noticeable and bonds are strengthened. Lessons now have a life span of nine years or more. This is very long-lasting transformative time."

Don't know if this holds any signyficance, but I saw the words 'travelling', 'dream' and 'time', so I thought: I just gonna mention this.

I am not entirely sure if this really is the Steller's Jay though.

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