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So me and my friend were playing on the giant and just so happened to come across writing on the mystery box. The writing seems to be steps of some sort. Some text looks like coding that we must dechiper. Here is a photo for you guys. This is my first post so no bashing but feel free to leave your opinon and comments!


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Hey @TrustM3Danny we're not a bashing community. :) We believe in mutual respect. 

However, this is the same texture used for past mystery boxes, a basic WWII era weapons/munitions crate, in this case, it would seem to potentially be for a panzerschreck based on the number of rounds quantified (2) and the specification 'no propellant.'

I wouldn't recommend looking for secrets on The Giant, as it is a reskin of the original, and still contains the same encoded messages it had 6 years ago; there's just nothing more to it. 

Best way to keep up with the findings, though, and make sure you're not behind is to be an active member here! We love to get new active members. And hey, never be afraid to ask a question, even if it's about something that may have already been found. The Mods, especially, are good for that, as well as folks like @MixMasterNut @BlindBusDrivr @Matuzz @Tac @PINNAZ @Nightmare Voyager and myself will be happy to answer deep dark detailed questions! 



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