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Possible new easter egg in Verrückt

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On the video Treyarch released last month named "nikolai memories" or something someone called Alex Simpkin commented something very interesting:

"I have found a new easter egg on waw zombies!!! If you go on the map verruckt and you go to the grave stone with blood on it there is a crack on one side it is the side where the blood is. If you get a rifle with a scope and zoom in though the gap by awkwardly persitioning on the floor by lying down there are actually books in there!!! There is one book that is open though and it goes along like this: To any avent of a critical faillure you are instructed to take your cyanide tablet that's included in your field operations kit that in the event you have misplaced yours, there are several methods that will accomplish the same task, field operation 935. Then it said something that was faded but if you guys can work it out that will be much appreciated. Ask if you wanna share this or make a video and remember to give credit because I have worked hard to find this.
Hope this helps with the massive hidden easter egg in waw! Enjoy"

I don't know if he is telling the truth, but because I don't have verrückt, I can't check it if its true.

Can someone who has this map take a look at this?

And remember, like this guy said, credit him if you wanna make a video or something about it, because he is the one who found it.


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That is the Group 935 Field Ops Manual, and has been famous since WAW. 

I'd beware of anyone claiming to have found new EE in any map from WAW to BO2. Those maps have been ripped apart and datamined out the wazoo. It is extremely arrogant, presumptive and ignorant of that guy to ask for credit. 

Feel free to message myself or folks like Tac, Nightmare, Infest and others if you have questions about supposed 'new' EE, and we'll gladly getcha up to speed on stuff. Have you had a chance to listen through all the WAW/BO1 radios yet?

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Ah okay, I searched verruckt grave stone on google but I didn't find anything, so I thought this guy really discovered something new.

About the radios, I have done the ones in Kino, Der Riese and Origins.

Next week is my birthday, and I will buy rezurrection then, so then I can do the ones of Verruckt, Shi No Numa and Moon too.

And that TV in the farmhouse in Tranzit, wasn't it supposed to do something as well?

I hold the button X (on xbox) long time but there didn't happened anything.

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In WaW's Der Riese, the TP-B room has a radio that plays that message, iirc.

About taking your suicide pill. I hope that's the right radio...

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Radio, not real...

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