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What if... Easter eggs...

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Ok, so unlike ANY multiplayer experience before BO3, this time, we have characters with story that you unlock by getting kills. 

Now what if... The story continues via DLC maps with tiny tiny easter eggs in them? We've seen easter eggs in nuketown, but what about continuing that feature in some of the upcoming maps that takes the story further in the MP? 

Would anyone be against this? 

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4 hours ago, Ragdo11706 said:

I could definitely see this as a possibility. I'm still curious as to why, in both [email protected] & Black Ops I, there were Easter Eggs in the Campaign related to Zombies (Ray Gun & ThunderGun). However, both Black Ops II & III, didn't carry on what seemed to be a "Tradition". 

Do you think it's possible, we may have actually missed them.

Yes, in BO2 there is an area that I definitely think is the location for this WW EE. Not sure about BO3 but I can't imagine there isn't, I just think we have missed it. I also have a theory that the puddles in Origins have the same kind of EE to obtain the Ray Gun, like in WaW but I never get chance to test it enough.

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4 hours ago, Nightmare Voyager said:

Yes, in BO2 there is an area that I definitely think is the location for this WW EE. Not sure about BO3 but I can't imagine there isn't, I just think we have missed it. I also have a theory that the puddles in Origins have the same kind of EE to obtain the Ray Gun, like in WaW but I never get chance to test it enough.

I believe I know where you speak of the "Jet Gun" location with in Black Ops II. I don't recall seeing a place within the campaign of Black Ops III, where we would find "Fisty", I would imagine as long as it resembled a "Cocoon" or "Pod", that may hold some significance. Haha.

You know what always got me when it came to "Origins". Those big ass cranes with a T in the Center, that had a hook attached to them. Seriously made it look as if you could make all the "Giants" fall somehow. Your probably right about the "Puddles" they always "Stood Out" to me. Being the mud slowed you down anyways.

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I would love to see someone test the puddles out, I am sure if someone was determined enough they could figure it out. I know people thought it would be the Jet Gun but I didn't think that was likely, if anything I thought it could be possible for them to patch something like the Ray Gun Mark II into the campaign but nobody has really played since. I always thought the cranes were weird too, although what would you do with them?

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9 minutes ago, Spider3000 said:

@Ragdo11706@Nightmare Voyager I tested out the "hopping in puddles" idea in Origins some months ago, and unfortunately didn't receive anything, or notice any changes within the map.

But did you do it like in different orders, missing out some and stuff like that. If there is an EE with it, it will be a pattern.

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2 minutes ago, Spider3000 said:

@Ragdo11706 @Nightmare Voyager I've done it once, possibly twice. This was a very long time ago, so I don't remember the exact order. No, I don't believe I missed out on any, but the next time I can get on Origins I'll give it another go trying different patterns.

I've done it every single game of Origins I have been playing for years with different variables, that doesn't mean it does not exist.

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Guys... The topic is multiplayer easter eggs. 

I was thinking something along the lines of using different specialist weapons to accomplish certain tasks. 

It starts off in splash, you need to destroy a specific thing off-map, but no grenade can get that far. SO, you bring in war machine, to which destroys the thing and activates a gallery. Only this is no ordinary gallery, it's designed with outrider's bow in mind. Shoot all the targets and you get a key. That key can be used on a specific computer terminal in "skyjacked". You will then need to bring in fire-break to burn down an area in the hull to expose a secret storage area on the map. Inside there will be a computer terminal you need spectre to hack, and only him. Any player playing as reaper at this point needs to hold onto the power cell in the door, as the electrisity will fry any normal human and take that cell to the far point in the map for evac. Moving onto Rise you need 3 players as ruin to smash a specific part of the building at the same time so the power cell will fall through some pipes and into a specific machine. To power the machine you can use stun grenades galore, but prophet's tempest will give it the largest shocks it needs. Last thing here to do is have nomade be killed by the recently opened electric chamber. Instead of re-jacking, he'll download a program. 

Take that program over to Gauntlet and you'll be given a timed challenge upon a player playing as nomad insert it into one of the computers. You might want multiple players playing as Seraph and have fully charged weapons for this, as you'll be given 2 minutes to shoot down 4 of each target: Monkeys, polar bears, and pidgeons. With your annihilator pistols. Doing this will spawn in the final step: Kill the P.A.W.W.S that spawn in. 

Upon completion you unlock a dark-ops mission and a special gear load-out for all 9 characters: Dark Ops Helm and Dark Ops body. Likewise, new audiologs appear for each character as well depicting the events of how each character reacted to the mission and how suspicious Spectre has been... Beware.... One of those 9 are a traitor....But which one....

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My apologies for the derailing the thread @Stop Mocking Me0

I wouldn't be against adding more bios or audio logs about the Specialists, but I don't think a story needs to be implemented into Multiplayer.

More background information that fleshes out the characters is fine, but I personally wouldn't want to see, or think that a proper story should be included in Multiplayer.

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Well there is an actual story already, as there is a traitor in the group after the unknown man hires them for their services. If you mean easter egg steps, I don't see the harm. They won't alter regular gameplay anymore then the nuketown easter egg, and this way if you have a group of friends you can have fun easter-egging the place up.

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Sorry Mocking, but others have mentioned jumping in the puddles/bomb craters & I must ask this question. 

In the campaign mission (I forget what it's called, the one that has "Nikolai's house") when it flashes back to the World war battle, there are many bomb craters through this section. It reminded me of the WaW mission where the Ray Gun Easter Egg is. 

You I wouldnt be surprised if there is the same type of EE by jumping into these Bomb Craters just like in WaW. I have tried once or twice but may have missed some. In the original EE, it had to be done in a specific order  

I urge people to try this out. The more people trying the better. 


Video of WaW "Little Resistance" Ray Gun EE




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