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Camping with Alchemical Antithesis


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I was playing Shadows of Evil today, and trying to work out a decent camping strategy using the Apothicon Servant and Alchemical Antithesis. This was the first time I have really played around with this gobblegum and soon realised you can camp for a significant amount of time using it. I was camping at the sword holders and portals, but I would imagine that upstairs at Waterfront near the statue with the door closed would be a much quicker spawn.

If used correctly, Alchemical Antithesis will give you the equivalent of two Max ammos, and two periods of 60 seconds before each ammo replenishment where you have infinite ammo. This is quite useful to speed up the rounds between Margwa rounds and with only a 1 in 5 chance of getting this gumball from the machine, it felt reasonably balanced. 

Just wondered what peoples opinions were on this? I have not seen many people incorporate camping into their strategies on Shadows. You can camp for 4-5 minutes at a time using the WW and Alchemical Antithesis, even longer if you incorporate lil arnies, and as long as you leave one bullet in it, you are ready to camp again as soon as you get your next Alchemical Antithesis from the machine. There are already some really fast training strategies out there, but I think this could shave off even more time and is slightly safer.

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Ah my bad, I didn't see it in rotation and have never ran out so assumed I just had 4 gobblegums in rotation. I will change the title. I take it the white gumball still counts as your use for that round then?

Still though, Alchemical Antithesis is very useful for camping, and if you get lucky with Max ammo drops you can camp for prolonged periods of time on this map.

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It still holds it's point. 

In high rounds, you'll find you'll get one of each kind of drop every 2 rounds. Meaning if you didn't get the max ammo THIS round, it will appear in the next. (This is at least round 35 and up, might start to behave like this before, not sure. ) 

So, if you play your cards right, you could use AA in dire situations and get back up to full ammo even on rounds you don't have a max ammo. And typically, gumball machines will give you a different gumball from your pack each time before repeating and starting again. 

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Honestly if you never move the box, which is fairly easy on this map, since "Purple" Pods will then give you a Ray Gun (which I prefer for the Margwa Mask & Margwa). Max Ammo should never be a problem, simply because instead of all those FireSales, they'll be Max Ammos.

I'm not exactly sure how the Gobble Gums work, simply because I don't have internet, I can use any regular Gobble Gum infinitely. Is this different when your connected to the servers. I've always figured you just had to acquire the Mega G.G. as well as the Ultra-Rare G.G. and whatever else I'm missing. You could still use regular G.G. or do you have to get those out the vats as well.


But I agree, I often use Alchemical Antithesis and find myself camping on the Smoke Lounge. Albeit I can still PaP the "Apothicon Servant", I still rather enjoy the craziness in it all.

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On 1/18/2016 at 8:32 PM, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

And typically, gumball machines will give you a different gumball from your pack each time before repeating and starting again. 

This is not at all how it works on 360.↑ The game definitely does not cycle through the pack. 'Computer random' frequently gives the same GG 2 times in a row. Especially wall power, alchemical antithesis, and perkaholic has like a 95% chance of being the GG every single time that you hit the machine. I guess so that it will deplete your ultra rates, so you might be tempted to buy LD, (which should be removed from the game).

On 1/18/2016 at 8:51 PM, Ragdo11706 said:

Is this different when you're connected to the servers?

 I've always figured you just had to acquire the Mega G.G. as well as the Ultra-Rare G.G. and whatever else I'm missing. You could still use regular G.G. or do you have to get those out the vats as well?

Classic (regular), is infinite use. Online, you start with the top row 5 classic GG, then earn the others as you level up. Prestige unlock token can permanently unlock one (usually alchemical antitheses first).

Mega GG are made (random), from liquid divinium, in Dr. monty's Factory.

Using LD, you can power up 1-3 vats, 3 gives a higher chance of rares than 2, which gives a higher chance than 1 vat.


On topic edit: try the Canal spot under the arches that i listed in 'Happy Camper?' thread. That works for AA/AS camping as well.

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I'm just adding some Alchemical Antithesis information for the novices and anyone else who reads this.


Trip Mine/Bouncing Betty: have 2 with AA active, throw one, when it hurts zombies, it gets replaced. Repeat until AA runs out. This is more silly than useful. 

Grenades and Trip Mines could be used in a pinch, with AA if your main weapons run dry. At least you could generate AS shots for more ammo immediately after (because AA is active).

Reborn Sword: Reborn Sword use is a key strategy for AA, especially camping. When your 2 (or 3) main weapons run low/out, activate the sword, hit LT to launch the autonomous sword, put the main sword away, activate AA GG, then the sword kills will fill your AS immediately, and then switch to your other weapon(s) to fill them also. 

Rituals: While unlikely to have early ammo issues that can't be addressed, keep in mind that doing a ritual will get you points and could be used with AA to give ammo in the right rare situation.

Drops/pods: out of ammo, you get an AA GG, hit a pod and get a Nuke, activate AA and hit the nuke. (Or even a [$Z]1000 drop).

Save Chang's $500 for emergency use? Unlikely to need this, but It's an option.

Spare Change: Lie down in front of any perk machine for $100 in a pinch.

Did i forget anything?

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