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Free perk educated-theory.

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So, I have a theory about the free perk in "The giant" that you get sometimes when you teleport. 

I have NEVER been able to get a free perk from linking, or using the teleporters, and I've not been able to find out why until about a month ago, but now I've put something on reddit, and it's discussion concerns me because no as one there has put it together. 

SImply put, the drops you can possibly get in the game are diffrent in diffrent games. This is specifically linked to gobble-gum. What I mean is, if you don't have a gobble gum that lets you obtain a free perk equipped, the teleporter won't let you get a free perk from teleporting. You can get any other drop available, but not a free perk. 

So, if anyone wants to TEST this theory (as I can't), go through a game where you don't have "On the house" or "Feeling lucky" equipped. If my theory's correct, you'll never once, no matter how much you teleport, get a free perk. Then play a game with either of those two gums, you may or may not need to actually have a gumball, but chances are, you WILL receive a free perk after enough teleporting. 

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I can definitely say Ive used On the house, and got a perk bottle upon teleport in the same game. They were both quick revive and it carried me past 3 downs on solo.

But I haven't got a perk bottle on teleport since then, and only 3 that I can remember ever getting. I used to think the longer you wait to use teleporters the better chance but I waited 19 rounds once and got a carpenter.

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Well I don't know if this matters or not, being that I'm not connected to the internet (simply because it's unavailable where I live). I don't have access to either one of these Gobble Gums.

With that being said in almost every game of "The Giant" I have played I've gotten the "Perk Bottle" Drop. One thing I noticed was it had to be before Round 20, I had to purchase the Teleporter, not just link it. Most of the time I had to do this multiple times per Round. I can't remember for sure, I feel as though the "FlyTrap" E.E. had to be completed, or I would only receive them before it was completed.

Again, this may in fact be due to me not being connected to the servers. Although I would imagine since I don't have access to those particular Gobble Gums, I therefore wouldn't receive the "Perk Bottle" Drop.

I would love to test this out for you guys, but I'm going to have to take my Xbone somewhere and do the latest update. As yesterday when I uninstalled the game from my HD, once I reinstalled it I can no longer play "The Giant".

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20 hours ago, P Diddily said:

It seems like this was patched at some point.  When I first started playing this map I would get free perks pretty regularly.  Lately it seems like I never get them and don't even get regular power ups after teleporting a lot of the time.

Chance was indeed greatly reduced at first patch.

First day i got 2 perk bottles then after that i only got one in 4 prestiges.

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