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Has ANYONE succesfully got 10 head kills with Reborn Sword?

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I've seen this counter discussed before, and plenty of people have discussed attempting it. However I haven't myself, or have heard from anyone they got the counter to zero.

Once you upgrade your Apothicon sword to the Reborn sword, when you weild it, it has an ammo count of 10. Although you can swing it until the charge bar depletes, the ammo count only decreases if you get head kills. I realize the charge bar depletes faster slightly when you do get a head kill. I'm just wondering if anyone has actually got the counter to 0?

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That is better than I've got my counter to. I think the lowest I've got it is 5.

I'm wondering if something will happen though if someone actually gets it to 0.

To my knowledge from reading threads on this forum, as well as other forums, and watching people on YouTube, I have never heard or seen a single person do this.

Alot of the Apothicon Symbols and sentences said by the voice, translate into "Gather" and "Head". Maybe this is the step needed, no one has completed, in order to upgrade the WW?

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The more I question the significance of this counter, the more I wonder if it relates to upgrading the wonder weapon.

Anyone reading this, please respond with the lowest you have brought the counter down, and possibly your method of attempting to reduce it.

I've decided this counter needs to be defeated, and am going to begin solely working on doing this when I play.

Thank you in advance for any and all replys with information regarding this.

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Maybe the Margwa on the ovum step are just distractions.

The ovum step circle will fully charge your sword once, or a couple of partial charges. Maybe we need to headshot zombies and stop messing with the Margwas. Edit: if true, then i hypothesize that, if you get 10 before the sword times out, they 'count', but if you don't get 10, they don't./end.

Also, I've headshot, with sword, every Margwa dead in all 4 ovum steps and it did nothing that i could see or hear.

Lastly, doesn't the sword have reserve 'ammo' as well? 10 in the chamber and 20 reserve? That would match one of the '30' symbols in the red circle...(I'm not sure, will check).

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This sounds super interesting..... I have noticed the counter but never understood what it was for....


Im going to throw this out if we have not solved this.... Wife and Kid is going away for 3 weeks.... I have 3 weeks to work on SOE....so if anyone wants to add me xbone- Exactice808 gamer tag and we can try some of these things... let me know...in the mean time, I will try this on my one.  Interesting!!!...very very interesting.....

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The counter only appears on the Reborn Sword. There is just a sword symbol where the counter would be on the Apothicon Sword.

As soon as you pull out the Reborn sword, the counter will indicate: 10 10

After your first head kill, it will drop to: 9 9

...8 8

...7 7


I really want to know the significance of this. This isn't an easy task by any means, and I really hope it isn't required in upgrading the WW. The best I've done so far, is 5 5. :\

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All I can say is I was playing not long ago, running the Zandis Smoke Lounge strat. Well it was in the early 40s and I decided to try this.

So I did. Now I don't know if this happens every time your about to put the Sword away or not. But as I was Slicing n' Dicing my way through I noticed the counter said 0/0 and both of the 0 were Red. 

Now with that being said, this could happen every time you are about to put it away, I'm not sure. I will say I was using the Right Trigger as opposed to the Thumbstick. Which makes you wield the Sword 10x faster.

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