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Clue leads to next Zombies Map!

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In the Burlesque at Footlight is a table with a page of the puzzle. I have found 2 pages (other one is in boxing gym at Waterfront.) which form a picture of the solar system.  On this paper are Longitude/latitude coordinates.  The numbers are in Degrees minutes and seconds.                                                     N     6.     53'      12.07"

E    158.   10'      50.31"

These coordinates lead to The Federated States of Micronesia.   This island is due far west of the Philippines.  There are actually 600 islands in this            country.  There are ANCIENT RUINS, PALM SHADED BEACHES, WRECK FILLED DIVES (SUNKEN SHIPS), SUNKEN BASALT TEMPLES, and     BURIAL VAULTS.  

This would be an amazing zombie map. Shangri La on steroids!

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