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Data Vault Codes...?

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Can anyone help me confirm wether or not I did indeed type in a code in the data vault,  while just guessing aroud I input Corvus,  then , Corvuus.  No sound played or anything, though I now know that none ever does(so far at least)... a day later I noticed when I used the codex (the web browser on the computer) that I had 2 new bookmarks, both involving the corvuus project,  I now can not tell if this was unlocked due to the code input , or was it just because i had progressed further in the campaign....

So...tell me what you think, and if you dont have those bookmarks, type in corvus or corvuus and maybe they will appear?

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I've only played the first 2 missions of campaign, so I haven't unlocked anything. 


@Tac bought the game purely for the Data Vault so maybe he can help out here & you can dissect this further 

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Another reason I would think i'd have heard about this is the fact that of the 2 corvus bookmarks I have they are both listed as (out of 935)  like 67/935   or  17/935     (cant remember if these are the real first numbers)  but they are clearly connected....935

p.s. Nightmares deals with nova 6 gas and element 61-15 (115)

on replay of campaign alot stands out...first time you see taylor,  hendricks says ,"you look...different"

Taylor says "This is all a simulation in our minds...and we've got a long way to go"  and treyarch ends the campaign credits with a thanks to all you have been following since the begining, then they end it with...we've got a long way to go.....

In campaign when discussing corvuus, the whole scenario seems to be an allegory for treyarch's created mythos , they speak about corvuus having no great plan , but just something that snowballed and we now are trying to make sense out of fragments ....if you listen/watch this part of the campaign it is so much more remarkable than I can convey right now,  but similar to my theory of the origins end cutscene , I believe it has double meaning for both the "in-game" story and the allegory of treyarchs experience/attempts at making this work....  The whole theme of one set of events being mirrored and having meaning in multiple different "worlds"  seems to be a very common theme this time more than ever....

sorry for the book...thoughts ?

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More Data Vault nuggets (is there a forum for this specifically?)

Using the codex (web browser) the data scrape leads to the forums of "Fortean news"  (real life link here to Fortean times)

you can follow this to a "spam" link to get subscribed to the DRUON newsletter, this leads to a series of morse code messages that speaks about locations and Giants...the last one says something about the Giant has risen... and the story of DRUOn is an old myhtology about a giant troll like creature that would cut off an arm of yours if you didnt pay the toll and you had to to cross the bridge to get to some special land....all very very interesting.


And the CIA dossier on Krueger is a treasure trove of interesting info....why did the developer of this new DNI system get so interested in the old files of frank woods and alex mason and MK Ultra (mind control) (real life link same name MK Ultra)

Lastly , just because I kept seeing people ask about the significance of the Crows,  well , besides crows being meta-physically the carriers of the soul.... Corvuus (the name of the program turned sentient being) means crow...corvuus means crow.

So that whole thing about the carriers of the souls is pretty awesome if you know about the ending of campaign and what the frozen forest is.

sorry for novel number 2,  thnx

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Thanks for leading me here @PINNAZ, much appreciated!  So, first, I assume the two Corvus intel pieces are "SP/Corvus Data archive 17/935" and "SP/Corvus Data archive 67/935" and if this is the case, it's due to campaign progression and nothing else.  Additionally, here's a link to my thread about this terminal.  Reply with anything you'd like to see added :)

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