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Moo goes Cow

Did I find a new easter egg?

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Ok, so I was playing on the giant, I got the easter egg gun from the furnace, meaning I did the fly trap easter egg, unlocked the hidden perk, Deadshot, and didn't get down for the entire game(round 19) I got downed for the first time, used my quick revive, and I heard samanthas laugh and she took all my weopons away! WTF?

I died becasue of that samantha... bitch

Seriously, me and my bad spelling skillz cannot comprehend this. Wasn't there something like this on Moon?


Well, thank you for the answer. Guess that means no quick revive for me... :( But hey! Who needs quick revive when you have skill! Which I also don't have! YAY(I died on round freaking 12, I suck)



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Well, first of all, welcome to the forum! Be sure to ask around if you need help with anything.


As for your question, no I'm afraid that this is just a glitch that has appeared in the game since the new patch.


The game incorrectly assumes you are cheating, and as a result downs you, and takes all your points and guns.


I'm sure there will be a fix to this glitch soon enough though.

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Happened to me recently. I was on round 29 solo when I got cornered and went down. Quick revive was picking me up then Samantha laughed and she took my ray gun, then it gave me the death & taxes pistols, then took my dingo, then gave me the starter pistol. I also had used my points before I went down, so I was left with about 200 points. I was screwed haha. It's definitely a glitch like @Spider3000 had said. Just sucks because I almost made it to round 30. 

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Thank you guys! One other question, I heard of something like this happening on the map Moon, I never tested it but I saw something like it. Was there anything like that?


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Its a new glitch in the most recent patch that makes it hard for the game to read how many guns you have when you have the annihilator. It reads you have 3 guns, which the game deems as cheating, and punishes you. There are two ways to resolve this: 

1-Grab mulekick, but don't have a 3rd held weapon, the 3rd weapon is now the annihilator. 

2-Leave a weapon in the PAP so it gets eaten. This way you're only holding 2 guns. 

3-Don't pick up the annihilator. 

4- Bring this to treyarchs immediate attention because it is a serious issue for many people. 

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8 hours ago, Tattoo247 said:

So is this a solo only bug? I've been fortunate enough to not experience it myself, even though I play solo about 80% of the time.

It happens when you are playing with other people as well.

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