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DISCLAIMER: As a a stickler for canon accuracy and a fan of the story masterminded by the team at Treyarch, I do not presume to know for sure the processes and fictional (or real) science behind the concepts presented at any point in the CoD Zombies storyline outside of what has been expressly released to the community. My intention is for my own sake and for all others who are interested in exploring the possibility of a semi-realistic explanation for many of the incredible things we have encountered over the last 6 years, and doing so based as solidly as possible upon what we know to be absolutely true about CoDZ, while remaining open to debate on such content as is not, so as to avoid misleading anyone who invests the time in reading my works.

That being said, here's to you, Treyarch! Hope my speculation does due honor to y'all's ingenuity!



Inspired by this incredible post (Three Realms and the Fourth Dimension) by the renowned @Shooter, but having some slightly (ever so slightly) deviating viewpoints (or perhaps what I feel are more of "clarifying" viewpoints, without presuming upon the author's intentions), I present an in-depth thesis on the Nature of the Aether as a simultaneously uni-dimensional loop and a cross-dimensional gateway. 

The following thesis is broken down into four parts, each exploring the properties, segments, potential, and boundaries of the Aether.
1. Aethereal Physics & Linear Timelines
2. Uni-Dimensional Loop
3. Cross-Dimensional Intrusion
4. Introduction to Aethereal Control
Aethereal Physics & Linear Timelines
In the diagram above, notice the horizontal lines indicating the Agarthan and Terrestrial linear progressions in time. Despite the idea that Agartha may or may not be a subterranean location, each lies on the (obviously outsourced) background indicating separate fabrics of time and existence, separated by what might be described as a cosmic chasm which makes up the cross-dimensional field we know as the Aether, all of this making up what might be considered the fundamental properties of space-time. The separation of the two realms by the Aether is based on the precedent throughout zombies that it is accessed via Aethereal access points.
The first correlation to be made between the linear progressions and the Aether's proximity is its consistent inherency; that the any individual's proximity to the Aether in time and space is consistent regardless of where they stand from a point-in-time perspective, which might lead to one thinking that the Aether ought to be graphed parallel to to Terrestrial and Agarthan timelines to illustrate this consistency; however, this would be inaccurate and unreliable as it would imply that the Aether is constrained by the limits of time, which contradicts everything we know about it. This, then, creates a paradox which I am unable to illustrate in the same graph, an issue I will attempt to resolve in the future.
So, for the sake of clarification, assume that the first yellow point on Earth's timeline is 1945/46, the year Richtofen and the others time traveled to Kino, the second yellow dot, approximately 1963. If this is the case, then where on the timeline do they occur in relation to the Aether? If you're thinking that they occur at the same point, x=0, where the red text indicates "present time," then you are exactly right. This can be expressed by the equation (T2-T1=p) ~A =  A(p) = 0  where T is one of any two or more points in time (hence the numerical differentiation) and ~ A  is Aethereal proximity, a constant of 0. Therefore, on an axis of x, the present time and its relation to Aether is consistently x=0.
The Aether itself might be described as a highly electromagnetic expanse that acts as a fourth-dimensional force field between the Terrestrial and the Agarthan space-time continuum, effectively resisting the majority of objects that might attempt to enter or pass through it, forcing that object back onto its respective timeline like a cosmic trampoline. This force is in place to essentially protect the different dimensions not only from themselves (should they attempt to cross it and expose themselves and their original dimension on an foreign plane of existence), as well as from each other, rejecting attempts to cross over between the two. This "firewall" would be inpenetrable if it weren't for an element that has been confirmed to occur naturally in Agartha, first documented on June 30, 1908 when a meteor entered the Earth's atmosphere and landed near the Stony Tunguska River, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia in what is known as the "Tunguska Event," and remains to be the largest impact event in recorded world history. This element contained 115 protons and was dubbed "Unumpentium" by German scientist Dr. Ludvig Maxis.
His research showed the the frequency of the electromagnetic radiation emitted from 115 was incredibly abnormal, and, as we all know, discovered it to be capable of forcing dead cells into action, what we call reanimation.
Uni-Dimensional Loop
The best way to understand the potential of the Aether in relation to a space-time progression is to explore the history of the first successful Terrestrial attempts to harness it.
It was discovered that inverting the inherent terrestrial charge of Unumpentium could be manipulated as needed, within certain limitations, to physically transport an individual from a point of origin to a pre-configured destination point at a time frequency ratio of 1:1, meaning that the rate at which the transported object travels to its destination is equal to the rate of the object's respective space-time progression. 
This method harnessed the natural resistant force of the Aether and its independence from progressive time to allow the object to "space-jump," as were, from one point on its native space-time progression to another. The process is extremely unstable, however, and a variation in the electrical properties of the object requires appropriate calibration of the Matter Transference Device to successfully accomplish this goal.  
The occurrence of the first successful matter transference, known as teleportation, took place on December 4, 1939, when scientists Dr. Richtofen and Dr. Schuster, members of the elite international scientific community Group 935, successfully calibrated a prototype machine to move an unmodified walnut from a given source to a destination. Inspired by this success, on January 4, 1940, Dr. Richtofen rashly decided to use himself as a test subject, resulting in a haphazard teleportation process that dropped him momentarily on Earth's moon, where he discovered a cavern containing a pyramid-shaped device now known today as the MPD, before being transported to the Himalayas. He did not return to Der Riese, the headquarters of Group 935 until 19 days later. At what point in those 19 days the matter transference process ended, and where he finally found himself is not known; however, the delicacy of the calibration was made evident.
The process necessary to effectively use the "Matter Transference Device" on human subjects and other specific objects, as needed, was perfected  shortly thereafter. However, the next flaw was discovered when Dr. Richtofen's 115-powered weaponized plasma "tesla gun" known as the Wunderwaffe DG-2 was fired during the MTD sequence. Presumably, the energy added to the sequence caused a "glitch," re-routing it to a higher frequency, effecting what is illustrated in the graph above as a "uni-dimensional loop." How this is completed is explained by the equation previously presented: (T2-T1=x) ~A = A(x)=0. 
This was the first instance of successful time travel, and due to the constant proximity of the Aether to all points-in-time, the matter transference sequence removed the objects (in this case, Dr. Richtofen, American Tank Dempsey, Russian Nikolai Belinski, and Japanese Takeo Masaki) from 1945 and placed them in 1963.
The proposed process by which the energy in Unumpentium is used to "latch onto" the Aether and "space jump" seems extremely logical when watching the original teleportation process at work in places such as Der Riese and Kino Der Toten. The calibration process speeds up the electromagnetic charge reversal process in the 115, causing an attraction which creates a uni-dimensional vortex between the present dimension and the Aether. This process appears as a sort of lightning storm as this highly electromagnetic vortex creates strands of plasma from gases in our atmosphere (primarily Argon, based on the color) and electrifies them, finally breaking the dimensional barrier and momentarily entering the Aether, only to be rejected and dropped onto another terrestrial or cosmic coordinate within the same dimension. If you need clarification on the relationship between plasma and Unumpentium, I discussed it in great detain in Plasma Weaponization & Der Wunderwaffe (Link).
Cross-Dimensional Intrusion 
So, if the Aether is intended to resist objects whose trajectory would potentially put them through into another dimension, then how did 115 pass from the Agarthan dimension to the Terrestrial in the first place?
As has been established, both the Aether and Unumpentium are highly electromagnetic, and therefore, with the appropriately arranged charges, can become cross-dimensionally attracted to each other. When the attraction becomes strong enough, the Aether can literally displace an entire given volume of the element, seemingly consuming it, and, due to the extremely high frequency of the attraction, eject it on the opposite dimension's space-time progression. This is illustrated as a "cross-dimensional intrusion" in the diagram above. Please note, however, that the trajectory of the the intrusion, though diagonal on the chart, still involves an object with an x=0 proximity to the Aether, and therefore, does not travel a "distance" before reaching the Aether. The cross-dimensional process is instantaneous from a space-time perspective, since any object that passes through the Aether does not consume time in so doing, due to the Aether's independence from progressive time. this can be expressed on a line graph through the equation x=A(p), y=p-A, where p is the x-axis space-time coordinate of any object as determined by the equation (T2-T1=p) ~A =  A(p) = 0, and A is the Aether, which, as previously stated, is a constant of 0. Since I won't be graphing it, I'll plug those numbers in: 
y = 0-0 = 0, x = 0(0) = 0
x=0, y=0
The point in making equations that come out to zero here is to show absolute value. Therefore, a cross-dimensional intrusion is 0% travel time. 
Introduction to Aethereal Control
After some consideration, I have decided to break this off into a separate subject, as it could easily make comprise a post of its own, which I will write after this, and in which we will explore how the Aethereal field can be controlled by an intelligent being, what they are capable of, what their limitations are, and what are the potential effects upon physical entities.

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It may be a stupid question, but it is something I wonder about a long time.

Who is in the MPD in Origins, because Samantha isn't in the Aether, but in the Agartha.

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2 hours ago, anonymous said:

It may be a stupid question, but it is something I wonder about a long time.

Who is in the MPD in Origins, because Samantha isn't in the Aether, but in the Agartha.

Not at all. You make a good observation. As far as we know, no one, though that is debatable. The eyes are yellow, indicative of Samantha, but there is no known evidence of this or any indication of how she got there. And like you said, she is in Agartha. 

My best guess right now is that are are actually going to divorce from the original story and provide a whole new explanation in the future. 

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6 hours ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:




If I must clarify, I intended to imply separation. Thanks for your thouhts. 

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