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Specialist Abilities in Zombies.

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So it's been a few days now, but MrRoflWaffles made a video about one of the Specialist Abilities appearing in Zombies.

More specifically the Specialist Reaper. The Ability Psychosis. What this does, is makes clones of the character. So you become invincible. I'll provide the video down below (Amazing find btw Milo).

My question is what are you guys/gals thoughts on this. For one I think its pretty cool. Something new not to OP.

My only hope/concern is when we initially purchase a Gumball. Hopefully it'll be stored in our inventory as opposed to just being activated right then.

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I have a feeling that the gumball abilities would be a one time thing and only last for a short period of time otherwise they may be too OP. Anything can happen though.

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Since we have already seen that smash thing I already forgotten the name of in the SoE trailer I think it is pretty safe to assume that we will get something like specials in zombies.

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I think the gumball machines change what your specialist ability is. However it is random. You start with no specialist ability and then you can use the gumballs to switch abilities. If you get a teddy bear Gumball the machine deactivates and switches to another location. So you just gotta keep buying gumballs until you get a specialist you want. Having said that who knows, gumballs might return in other maps as a ...umm...different form

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