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Hello everyone at CoDZ. Forgive me, for this is the first time I've ever actually started/attempted to start a new Topic. I'm not even positive I'm posting this in the relevant SubForum. With that being said let's begin.

So we've all seen the SoE trailer, more specifically the part when one of the 4 characters (Nero) turns into some type of Cthulu creature. 

When I first saw the trailer I presumed it was an effect from Dr. Montys Gumball Machine. After talking back-n-forth with a friend the other day , I started thinking it over again. 

What if it's another form of AfterLife from MotD or an AfterLife 2.0. We know that the 2 maps are a direct sequel or directly connected. It's also been said from Ron Pearlman the characters are in Purgatory.

Now on to the reasoning behind me thinking this.

In MotD while in AfterLife you were seen as a White Mist or Shadow. We keep hearing about the Shadow Man & in the poster if you look at him you can see the exact same tentacles coming from that figure as you do on the character.


All the red Symbols everywhere, just like the white ones in MotD. The numerous yellow #s with the big red button. 

To the right of the "Creature" you see something that you can now enter/destroy only in this form. The movement & on-screen visuals are almost identical. Now you can melee along with the electric shock.  

Also I'm gonna go out on a limb & call it now. The purple fountains, replacing the junction boxes from MotD.


Sorry if any or all of this is common knowledge. After a lot of debating wether I wanted to even bother with posting this or not, since I hadn't seen it mentioned anywhere. Please let me know what you guys think.

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When they first showed the character turning, there didn't appear to be any zombies or any other harmful objects, at least not in front of him. So I don't think it triggers when you die, but I do think you're on to something here. I believe it will borrow a lot of mechanics from Afterlife as I've seen the glowing red walls only appear while someone was going all Cthulhu and it's just like the glowing blue walls in afterlife from MoTD. I don't know what role the fountains will play but I'm going to assume we'll be able to do something to them with this new feature.

Nice catch!

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If you watch closely you can see that the "creature mode" activates as the character passes the purple fountain. Now obviously the HUD and action button cues are edited out of the trailer. I would bet that the character ativated the fountain and mode as they passed by the fountain like the OP is saying. I think you are onto something with this "Afterlife 2.0" style mechanic. And I bet the red writings will replace the "eye" from MotD's afterlife. 

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I DOUBT the squid-thing will trigger on death, but considering the monstrosity can power things with it's electric tentacle it could be used as the form of "Power" in this map.  

Also, we have NO HUD so we don't know if there's a timer like afterlife in MOTD, but we can assume being like that permanently is beyond OP. 

Here's what I think: I think you pay 500 to use a purple fountain which acts as a potion to turn you into the monster. And you can remain that monster and open up any door you want and even smash through weaker walls illuminated by a fiery glow. However after a certain amount of time, you die unless you can drink from the fountain again (for free) to turn yourself back. As an added pain, the red cuneiform writing on the walls serve as a barrier you can't cross. 

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