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Nazi Richtofen missing his Swastika

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Bumping this because Blops3 will be uncut in Germany. 


Really? So that means a definite lack of Nazi imagery or whatever.

Most likely, yes.

But I certainly don't view it as a bummer. :P


Neither do I, I don't strive to see stuff like that in a game even if it makes it historically accurate.

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With all the sensitive people out there right now, especially flag related, it would be a bit foolish to go brandishing a swastika on your product.

I agree it's a little nerving, but it's a smart business move and everyone here knows where we are in the game, and who we're fighting, no need to spell it out. 

We should have to forego historical accuracy because some peoples feelings may get hurt or others might get offended.

Feelings should never be more important than facts.


Right, so you want 3arch to lose out money from a slight inaccuracy because a lot of people (including whole countries) are sensitive about this subject?

He has a point that we cannot evade historic events and making a game based around that era, in my opinion, should include these little details. However, it would lose treyarch money (like you said) by including these things. So really to everyone complaining, treyarch are simply sticking to the safe side to avoid any trouble.

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