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Black Hand Smith

Call of Duty: 2015 Campaign { Concept }

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It has been some time since Menendez attempted to hack the U.S Drones...and many more years after Dragovich but by this point everything there is unimportant. Except for something that began shortly after the Cordis Die incident. America has decided to implant chips into American Citizens. The chips are an easy way to keep track of a persons certificates and other documentation. Social Security,medical History, Criminal Records etc. Now everything seems simple enough but there is a problem. Some people don't want to get chipped because they see this as a form of controlling a citizen. However the Law says you need to get chipped. So we have a group of Rebels who defy this Law and a pretty much considered American Terrorists since the Rebels do terrible things such as keeping people Hostage, Mutilating Bodies in order to remove the chips of people they kidnap as well as attempting to Bomb government buildings that are seenas Pro-Chipping. 


Now this person we are playing as is a chipped soldier who is sent with a small group to investigate a huge Plan. Which of course they need intel on in order to prevent from happening. However when they get there they discover unchipped civilians instead of rebels and they attack the player which forces you to kill them. Now the thing about these chips is that it is attached to the back of your head around the top back. So, these chips are actually manipulating the way your mind perceives the world. Your brain can be fooled into thinking something is happening or someone is saying something which is a way the government is controlling people. Especially you. So there is a new story mechanic on certain missions in which you need to determine what is real and what is just a product of the chip manipulating your brain waves. Actions have consequences and as the story goes on you begin to learn more and more about the government as well as how the chips were first introduced. You get perhaps a few flashbacks to the Pre Chipping era as the campaign goes on maybe the key is all in your head. Maybe you will have to look at some documents about old brain control projects that occurred during the cold war. Then of course it's all in the Numbers.


So that;s just my idea for a Campaign setting for Cod 2015. I really like the idea of Brain manipulation.

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I like the idea: You don't now you're the monster!

Very SOTC....

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I smell multiple endings with this :P Would be very interesting to see this in new game, if it would happen. Maybe one ending could be on how new zombies-era would start? That would be cool connection from campaign to zombies :P

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