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Black Hand Smith

Smith's Notes - An incoherent mess 9:31pm Update

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Smith’s Notes

(the following is just a bunch of Notes I've scribbled down while brainstorming )

I'll be updating this post whenever I think of something or whenever I do another brainstorm. Nothing in this post is fact and note of it is theory either. it is just the product of me thinking and trying to fit pieces of a puzzle that is missing pieces.)






( Soldiers) Nacht à Verruckt à ( O4 introduced) Shi No Numa à Der Riese à Kino à Ascension/Five à COTD à Shangri-la à Moon à BO Nacht à BO verrukt à -->Shi No Numa à Der Riese à Kino à Ascension/Five à Cotd à Shangri-la à Moon/Nuketown à ( Tranzit 4 Introduced) à Die Rise à Buried à Origins ( Beginning the third cycle) à ?New Nacht?

Black ops 2 O4 location


Trapped in Aether- MTD pass objects though the Aether in order to teleport from location A to location B. 

Location A à Aether à Location B

Location A à AetheràLocation B Destroyed before materialization à ?Trapped in Aether?

Earth Destroyed

Dead- Overwhelmed

Survived made it to earth – Teleporters escape

Code Mex, ?Portrait? 4th test subject, presumed dead, spleen removed. Siberia

Black and White? Reality? Color changes? Mob of the dead? Ascension?

Outcome the same regardless of Choice?

Mend rift

Open Rift


Richtofen ?Dead? or “not present during this time”


Before Cotd

Beyond the Gateway

Before Origins? 4th Cycle?

Next location: During or after a war, Technology levels, ?Modern? State of the Earth ?fixed? ?Aftermath?



2/8/2015 part 2




Five à Pentagon à Perk machines and perfected teleporters

Sudden Spike in technological Advancements in only a few decades

Groom Lake àNew Mexico àRoswell incident à 3 Bodies Recovered

3 Bodies ? Connection?

Technology recovered à Der riese à 935 à To the victors the Spoils of war

Technology Improvedà Teleporters kill Z à Advanced à Z pass safely through

MTDà Walnut à Pass

MTD à Undead à Destruction

MTD àFluffyà Pass

MTDà Living human à Pass

MTDà Living Life Form à Pass


MTD à Human à Pass

MTDà Undead àPass

Moon Landing à ?Faked?--> Why? à Groom lake had teleporter to moon

?They knew?

Winters Howl

Americans à Warehouse à ?Portals? à ?Connection to origins?

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So I see you are really going at it with this Mex stuff. CotD, MotD, TotD?

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I know you need to update the post but... Black Hand buddy... You've may have gone off the deep end here... Not much I see here has much proof or reasoning for that matter... To be honest I can't tell where most of it is coming from? Can you shed some light on it for me? 

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He said in a status update its not got much for now. I think its just observations from the summit.

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Just observations, A few possibilities here and there but nothing really that I would Theorize to be truly possible. 

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Microsoft word or a pen and paper work great for taking notes too bud. I don't think a thread or correspondence is necessary here.


Chopper edit - @Black Hand Smith I understand that you are a little disappointed that this was locked after noticing your update.

We try and keep the site as clean as possible and whilst I understand how those posts maybe helpful for your own ideas they don't necessarily add anything to all of our users.


I suggest you start a Google document if you would like it to be discussed with others.  I have no issue with adding any link you need added to this OP.  

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