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Introduction... Kinda?


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Some of you may remember me, others possibly not. I wasn't the most active person but I did try to help out some people when needed. 


I guess you can call this my "Back to the zombies fan base" I never really left playing zombies... I just wasn't so involved with the forum after origins came and left. 

But now we have EXO ZOMBIES and I'm thrilled to come back to the forum I loved so much. 



So some people might need to help me with some rules or changes to the site ( That I haven't read already)

Other than that I remember some old faces!  


I guess you can call this my resurrection?  


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Hi MrGibbs,

Thank you for the introduction, don't forget to request your introduction medal in the introduction forum or by using the contact us form (found under help). We hope you find the forum a friendly and fun place. If you have evidence of achieving the requirements for other medals that are available, please let us know.

Remember to have a look at the Code of Conduct and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Also have a look at the Formatting 201 topic on how to use the reply editor functions.

  • Have a twitch account? Why not add your own stream
  • Fancy a shot of a few games in the arcade, see if you can get a high score
  • Want to give us your own zombie story?
  • Do you have a theory on the zombie game mode, where have we been, where are we going?
  • Have a look at the community center
  • You can also download some desktop wallpapers

Have fun, enjoy and don't be afraid to jump into any conversation. If something is posted in the wrong area then someone will let you know and explain what section it should go too, also remember to use the search function before posting, it may have already been posted elsewhere ;)

So who are the moderators? Have a look here. Confused or don't understand all of the colours, then look no further. Want to know what all the fuss about zombiefication is, have a look here Why not check out the frontpage as well, loads of information is available here.

All the best, the CoDz's forum team.

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