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No wonder nobody plays this...

Jarhead N

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Well for maybe the 2nd time ever I decided to play Borough Grief, and now I realized that it is so ridiculously easy that it will definitely be the last. 
Where the hell do I begin?
Buildables? *Facepalm*
A million different camping spots
Ray Gun Mark II and Paralyzer, really?
Glitch, after glitch, after glitch.
Did I say buildables?
The fact that the map for Grief is so damn big

This map for Grief is terrible.
Thanks Treyarch.

Uhh... Rant over. 

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You sound griefed sir ;)

You are correct sir.


It's so buggy and not worth it… 


So it has all the issues as Moon, but without the enjoyability of moon…. 

I've never really enjoyed Moon so I guess I can't agree with you except for the fact that Moon was a pain in the ass at times for me, just was so annoying having the space guy taking my Jugg then me having to wait 2 go's of the teleporter to get it back (that's if I don't go down beforehand).

But yeah, not worth it.

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