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Epic wins on kino.

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My best win on kino, it was round 25 or 30 my freind was down (I was still a n00b) we were on the stage I got the mystery box and got the spas-12 and I just trained around the stage and eventually won... It was epic.

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I didn't think zombies could be won. It's one of the addictive features to zombies, no matter what happens, or how good you are, eventually you die. And then lose.

But to answer your question, I think you made the OP too map specific. If I could pick any win, it'd be on Nuketown. 3 player game and all 3 of us got cornered in the same spot, I managed to train in a spot about 5x the size of the player. If you're on ps3 you should check out my player channel, it's saved on that. Really was amazing.

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Epic win on Origins. Also saved to my channel on xbox ;)

Zombies everywhere in Odin's footstep behind Jugg, I lost control while camping there. The hoard pushes me into the corner next to MP40. I face the wall so my shield could take the heat while prepping my monkey bomb which I would throw directly next to my feet. Then I turned around while they were distracted and through another over next to the soul chest, thus escaping...barely. Shield was gone and I was blood red.

That's focus right there. To top it off, it happened right after Richtofen said "I must stay focused". Lolol .

...and I'm sure there's another thread about general epic winnings... :P

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Recently, I got a Round 40 game in. Fun game. (The game I tried to get Deadhead with...)

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I recently recorded my first attempt of Box Roulette on Kino Der Toten - was playing with my grifriend, had some good moments :) Here's a 3 minute snip of some of them!:

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