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The Truth of 11?

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The people of Treyarch made a post about "11" questioning it's signifigance. Many people believe it turned out to be August 9. Well I beleive that date is linked to the illuminati.

Look at these trading cards that the illuminati has created. Most of them have already happened.



quarantine.jpg H1N1? Or maybe the new disease in Africa?



population_reduction.jpg Perhaps the Earthquake in Japan?

But the one that is very creepy is this one and it hasn't happened yet and in my opinion it will either happen on August 11th of August 12th (if it happens)


That clock is the Big Ben. And if you look closey, it says 2:55 pm. And look at how the people are dressed, they match the Olympics colors.

Keep in mind that these cards were made in 1995.

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I'm struggling to see the connection between 11 and the playing cards though.

I personally am not one for all the future prophecy mumble jumble. The past repeats itself, that's just what happens. I can see in the future there will be wars, and floods, and earthquakes that will kill millions. I don't know that, but it's most likely going to happen, as it has for thousands and thousands of years. I'm no prophet, it's just bound to happen over time.

The clues have no solid evidence, they just give a one or two word term that could be applied to multiple things that can happen. All of these things have happened before, and were bound to happen over time. They just use extremely vague words for you to make a connection, without there actually being a connection.

  • Terrorism was getting big in the early 90's, more terrorists attacks were bound to happen[/*:m:3nnf7ttv]
  • The Pentagon has been bombed before, it'll happen again. It is one of the most important building in Washington DC (arguably right on the same level as the White House and Capitol Building).[/*:m:3nnf7ttv]
  • Epidemics have happened all throughout time. Saying it's going to happen again is obvious.[/*:m:3nnf7ttv]
  • Princess Diana was one of the biggest figures in the media in 1995 during her divorce. The card shows nothing of what will actually happen, but just that she's important for some reason. It is your interpretation that leads you to connecting the card to her unexpected death, not the card itself.[/*:m:3nnf7ttv]
  • There are oil spills literally every year. There were 50+ oil spills before 1995, occuring every year or couple of years. To say it'll happen again is just plain common sense, not predicting the future.[/*:m:3nnf7ttv]
  • Natural disasters and wars have happened over time, and will continue.[/*:m:3nnf7ttv]

I know we like to grasp for connections with these kinds of things, but we need to keep a level headed mind here. These are not predictions, but simply vague connections that provide no physical evidence, but are left entirely up to interpretation.

ANYwho, back on topic. I made a thread about this awhile back when Jimmy first made that post with possibilities for what it means. A significant 11 in terms of zombies?

Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to successfully land on the Moon. A solar cycle also last 11 years. There are other possible connections as well:


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