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Could General Hans Kammler be the original first Nzombie?

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hi guys, Noob here, awesome info you have on Cod Zombies, love the game and how treyarch has put so many details in the game reflecting real Nazi history, cant wait for Black Ops2 and see what they come up next!

I was cheking some pics and found something interesting and makes me wonder If General Dr Hans Kammler was or could be the original first nazizombie? what your thought about it?


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Hans Kammler was indeed apart of the SS, both showing as the SS outfit, and from his biography, he joined in May of 1933. It's funny you mention the resemblance, because there is actually a lot to support this.

-Hans Kammler was supposedly in charge of Die Glocke (Group 935 Anyone?)

-Second point I found was very interesting was the fact that in 1945 Hans Kammler went missing and his body was never recovered.

-Didn't the zombie outbreak occur at Der Riese? If Kammler was apart of Group 935, his almost identical similarity in Nacht Der Untoten could mean that he was indeed a zombie, considering his body was never recovered. Nice find :)

EDIT: Brains for you [brains]

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thankx for the [brains], man i thought of this after i read his biography and compare mistakenly those photos, This guy was so close to all of those special projects/technology that Nazis ran and also died so mysteriously that he fits perfect with the description. Makes me wonder why Treyarch dub him as the original zombie, maybe hes really part of the treyarch story or they did it just as a "tribute" for his work in nazi hystory.

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