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New intro Menu ideas:


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Alright, I think it's safe to say that black ops had the coolest selection screen when It came to zombies, what with mason in the chair and the guard turning when you clicked "zombies". 


But what I want to propose is the next selection screen theme for the next game, feel free to add your own ideas and opinions, here's mine:



The starting screen is that of a war zone, the "push start" screen depicts the zone from the side. Selecting start will bring you to the selection screen when you're met with the four options of: 







By clicking zombies, you're brought into a whole new scene. In fact you're playing as a moving character who can actually walk around, and where are you? Why, in NACT of course! With some changes… 


In the initial room you have a few options, where mule kick was there's now a workbench where one can access the options menus, (graphics settings, audio settings, ect.), and in the back of the room, where the lamp is behind the file cabinet there is now a bookcase, the bookcase is called the "archives"s section, where one can read up on zombies history, the characters, and even zombie types themselves! 


As well, one can ascend the stairs to access the upper floor balcony, where one can find a map-bench used to start a local game with your player 2. -The players can also customize their load outs here. 



Note: The help room is only operable to those who have Xbox live/PS-network. 


Inside the help room is a multitude of things:


-A Radio in the corner will allow one to hear the songs they've collected via teddybears and whatnot through out the map. 


-The box can actually be used to change which weapons will be in the box which is set and balanced so one player doesn't get too OP, what starter weapon you will start off with: (M1911, mauser, ect.), as well as which 3 perma perks you can access in a game (after you've earned them). 


-Upstairs, but still in the locked off area, you can access the cabinet, which offers you the ability to change your custom character, used for game modes in place of identical CDC and CIA members, using clothes you've bought or earned. 


-As well, there's also a store upstairs as well in the form of an overturned wardrobe, which one can purchase customizable items and DLC from using either the money you've earned in game, or credit card IRL, respectively. 


-Theres a table with a cash register on it as well up top, which one can used to check their balances, or transfer money between their bank's accounts, which are filled with every penny a player has placed into their bank in-game. 


-Back downstairs there's a map station with a comic book on it. Selecting that allows one to begin a game, with a simple scroll-down menu first picking which mode you want, and then the map.


 Once you've selected the map, you enter a lobby, which is a comic book page, (with lobby leader boards as well) and can either ready up or leave.


For parties, you simply remain in this one screen, and when you back out you have access like that of previous games. (player's tags to the right, the option between a private match, a solo, a party/custom match, or a public match) However, you have to select your customization of the box and characters alone. But you can still maintain a lobby in the map area if you've left to change clothes, or change weapons. 


As an added bonus, there's also a little easter egg for this selection screen: Throughout the archives there are secret numbers and letters, which spell out: "Teddy is a liar"… Which if one speaks into the microphone, will result in a small weapons box opening up in the corner, inside is a simple M1911 pistol with three bullets. Now you just need to go around to the three red barrels around the map and set them off. Doing so will cause a small "ding", when you go to the shelves in the help room, there will be a small radio, which when pressed will unlock the hidden song: Undone (or whatever the classic zombie-selection-screen music is)


Btw. The typical music is changed, as it's now a much darker, creepier, and less up-beat version of 'Aether" from Origins


After doing this, you can change the background song via the radio. 


What do you think? Good? Bad? Your ideas? 

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This actually sounds pretty good and fun!

I like BO2 menu just because it showed the world and space and all that. But to only have six areas on the world, made it seem way to small and isolated. And I suppose that could be good depending on how you think. But really, I still have the old maps in mind, so it was always a "What if" with me. Always like to think where the previous 10 maps would be.

But like you said, BO1 was very cool in the interactive department. I liked the Terminal, it really needs to return in some form. Gives great backstory about Zombies and the Campaign. Also Zombie Hudson.

Oh and Damned is the theme song for the menu/Zombies. Re-Damned is 8-bit Damned, and Damned 100ae is the BO2 remix. Undone is the Nacht EE song in BO1 (which would also work haha)

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Cool ideas. Get a new Damned remix playing in the background and this'll be perfect.

Another great thead, Mocking. Keep up the excellent work.

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You are a genius, my friend. I feel like we need another damned remix, though. Make it more like the Halloween theme, more eerie.


But really though, these ideas are really cool. I liked the whole earth menu in BO2, but this is way better.

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Perhaps a calendar section as well that can be used to set up notifications of when you and your friends want to play zombies and it will automatically notify everyone you tag in it and invite them to a lobby of the exact set up… 





Maybe an E-Z jump to the character customization menu by pushing down (on the D-pad). To box customization by pushing back and to game select by pushing start. Store would be right. Bank would be left. Local matches would be Up. 



Oh and I forgot, to return to the Main menu or to the multiplayer menu, just walk out the open windows, the windows on the front are open, like in tranzit. You'll walk into the mist and go to the main menu.




The multiplayer menu is different as well: But similar: 


You're in a state of the art next-generation military control room. This area is set up a bit differently: There's one actual terminal which contains access to the custom classes, public matches and just about everything. Otherwise there's a local mode table, and a  closet used for character customization. There's also a calendar here for the same purpose as the zombie calendar. No bank. There is a store but it's strictly for DLC. There's one door built to enter the zombies menus again. Another for the camp. 


Also for MP there's a new tournament set up feature in which one can chose 3-10 matches, including the participants, game mode, and map, all of which can be set to random selection. And those can then all join together to battle it out, eventually crowning a winning player or team. Perhaps an archive section telling the story and reasons for each map's feud. 


Up: Archives. 

Left: Calendar 

Right: DLC Store

Down: Tournament selection

Back: Character customization

Start: Match set up and custom classes.


There would also be a little easter egg in here as well. If one is to knife the windows rather then walk out the door, they can actually walk out of the room and look around, where eventually they find a room with the dead bodies of their crew, the only explanation to their death is a single sentence on the wall in blood: "He will have his revenge"….


An now they get the achievement: 

5gs: What happened here…. 


Doing this will unlock the "Resnov" beard for your character customization. 

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