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Most Disliked Character?

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I think it has more to do with how some people might get annoyed at her talking a lot and constantly bugging you in Origins. I personally don't mind it, but others might.

As for the Weasel, people feel sorry for him. Usually happens when you're murdered.

She really annoys the hell out of me in Origins.

Her:"I'm trapped here and I just wanna go home"


Her: *blah blah blah do this now*

Me: Good, I don't care about freeing you.

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I don't know why people don't like Stu. He's easily my favorite of the new 4 because of a few hilarious lines. I like the "slipped on a banana or something" line on Die Rise, when he tells Misty "take your shirt off!" and "fits like a glove...on a @#$% foot!" LMAO

Easily my favorite of the new 4. Marlton I guess would be second although he's annoying for the most part. Misty is w/e and Russman isn't interesting at all. He makes Takeo look like Tank Dempsey.

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Marlton and Billy by far. Marlton's a vain jerk who can't even deign to return the feelings of this hot girl who wants him, let alone be nice to anyone besides her, or be grateful for being revived. Billy's a stone-cold killer, but then again that is the point; he's the one among the M4 who does not want to repent.

The Panzer is cool, but as said, I could do without the claw. If they count, I also hate the Denizens and the Jumping Jacks, the latter for being too difficult. I love-hateingly call them xenomorphs for their quadrepedal stance, their overall difficulty in killing, their shrieks, and their manueverability.

Well, in Buried Malrton says to Misty "I'll dive in front of you if I have to".He's different in Transit though. I hate the panzer. Not because he is hard. To me, he's easier than the normal zombies. Barely a threat. I hate him because he's the exact copy of Brutus. Yeah, he has a jet back and a flamethrower, a claw, and armor, but he's just like Brutus! Same thing over and over aim for the head. He takes a certin amount of damage, he pauses and then continues (like when you shot of the helmet.)at least Brutus talks....

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Marlton returns Misty's affection. Their levels of passion are just different. Misty's passion is on the surface, Marlton's is underneath. Marlton isn't like Misty. He doesn't hit on her in public. He shows his affection more subtly. But they're just kindaaaa busy at the moment. As for Billy, he is not a stone-cold killer. He is a remorseful killer. Killing is his job, but he has a life full of regrets that he just can't take back.

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