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  1. I don't know why people don't like Stu. He's easily my favorite of the new 4 because of a few hilarious lines. I like the "slipped on a banana or something" line on Die Rise, when he tells Misty "take your shirt off!" and "fits like a glove...on a @#$% foot!" LMAO Easily my favorite of the new 4. Marlton I guess would be second although he's annoying for the most part. Misty is w/e and Russman isn't interesting at all. He makes Takeo look like Tank Dempsey.
  2. It should be public now? I was able to watch it. If that was you, then you need to update the high rds in your sig. :mrgreen:
  3. This happens far too often. In fact, it happens to me MORE often now after they patched it(used to be a quick slide, now it's slow and glitchy). Anyway, I don't take that slide anymore as it isn't necessary. If I have to go to the AN94 area, I jump over from the trample steam and head down the shaft. If I'm not on the trample steam floor, I like to drop down to it by the left of the door that's by the PDW. I pretty much never hit the box on this map, but if you need to, just use the trample steam or strafe jump into the room from the room you land in from the trample steam room. No slide = 90% reduction of cheap deaths on Die Rise
  4. Yeah and the Best part of his video..............He didn't talk over the fucking game play. So NO, I won't Rate/Subscribe you Chatting pricks. Exactly why he's the best. I could clearly hear the characters and Samantha and the Demonic Announcer WITHOUT "So In a [Max] Min[Ammo]ute I'll show you Ho[Please...]w to pow[i just]er th[wan] e gen[want t]erators. [Go home]" Yeah, he's even got some realistic gameplay! Like that part early on where some noob comes and steals his kills at the window.
  5. As I mentioned before, I don't think you can get it playing solo. I had shotties with 14K kills and about 98 downs if I remember right. So, I believe your problem is that you're likely playing on easy and more importantly, you need to play some co-op matches.
  6. Where did you get that rd tracker thingy in your sig?
  7. They do spark if said color is in the right order but only after you pull all four switches. I have done this several times It does make it alot easier. Just look real Closely.. its small and fast! Exactly right. They don't reset either.
  8. I've had shotguns since the first few weeks of the game's release. I've de-ranked to the knife twice since then. The first time was on Tranzit while trying to mess around and uncover perma perks and other secrets. Quit out on rd 1-5 several times and I was de-ranked the next day. I continued playing as usual and was promoted rather quickly. The second time was on the day that Die Rise came out. I played a few games of Turned, so the downs in that mode combined with dying in every stupid way imaginable on Die Rise, and I was a skull with a knife the next day. I got my stuff together and my buddy and I went for a run to 46 on the same map. Still didn't rank up. Later played with another friend who isn't very good and carried her to 40 and quit out with zero downs. The next day, I was back to skull with shottys and haven't looked back. Some observations: Kill/Down or Kill/Death ratio does seem to play a big factor. Playing on normal is probably the largest factor as I have plenty of skulls on my friends list with a higher KD than myself. I watch their games and they only play custom games on easy.. Also, I think that co-op games are required in order to achieve the highest rank. You CANNOT achieve the shotgun emblem while only playing on solo as far as I've seen. You can play several games on solo, then play 2-3 good co-op games and you should be able to rank up assuming your KD is there, AND you consistently make it to at least rd 15. Lastly, I believe it is NOT overall KD ratio. It is a running average based on your last x amount of games. That is why you can rank down if you just quit out on rd 1 too many times. My current K/Down ratio is a bit over 170 and over 200 in co-op games. Roughly 67K kills and 385 downs overall. My high rds are 25 with 0 downs on Tranzit(players quit), 28 and 0 downs on Bus Depot(buddy lagged out), 45 on Town, 46 on Die Rise, and 36 on Buried(have been to 43 and 38, but lagged out both times)
  9. superfknmario

    The Flesh

    How do you put those little buttons in your sigs? I'd like to do that for mine. Sorry for the noob questions. Any help would be appreciated
  10. I think Maxis's side will be cannon. The original crew will travel to the center of the Earth in order to stop Maxis. In the process, Samantha will end up in control of the zombies again and Richtofen will return to his body.
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