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Connecting Everything-DR to MOTD

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Hi everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying Mob of The Dead because I know I have! But I want to put on our thinking caps for a moment and think about this “Evil Island”.

What is the significance?

How did this happen?

Why is this happening?

Why is he not telling us and just listing things?

Well allow me to explain.

We start out the map in purgatory. We know this happened in the premise of the map AKA the message from Alcatraz. We are dead. And yet…our bodies are fine. We are (our bodies) okay. But why? Aren’t we eaten alive? Why are the bodies intact? The answer is simple:


That is right. We never really died that way. No, we died in another way. Namely:

ELECTRIC CHAIR. This was our method of death. When at the end of the EE, we are in Afterlife and we must get into our bodies. Then we must find the Weasel, and hunt him down….or so we think.

WHAT IF there was another way to end it?

I have watched 2 videos of the completion of the easter egg. One team (NGTZombies) succeeded in killing Al. Achievo unlocked. However, the screen disagrees. It merely says that the cycle continues.

In another (playthegamecentral) they are all killed by the Weasel. No achievement. Instead, the cycle is broken.

My friends. This is no glitch. Treyarch, throughout all this map, has trolled us and finally given us the ultimate puzzle/clue to solve EVERYTHING. This final clue will solve this map.

My Theory:

So if killing the Weasel continues the cycle, how do we stop it? Simple. We reverse the circumstances and kill the others so Weasel lives. This breaks the cycle. What is the significance?

Alcatraz is called “Evil Island” because in this sense, it isn’t just filled with evil. It is evil incarnate.


At the moment when we were truly killed (via electric chair) we were sent to a hell prison (hell guard, fire chest, hellhound, red eyes etc.) Thus, a vicious cycle began were we tried to escape numerous times, but failed.

Then, it worked. We make it off the island and to the bridge…but it is broken…

How? Simple. This bridge is not just a simple one. It is literally the bridge to hell. It is what separates us from hell…or shall we substitute and say…RIFT?

A rift is a disconnection between any 2 things, metaphysically or in emotions. This bridge is what we were instructed in Die Rise to MEND. MEND THE RIFT. This bridge has a rift that separates these survivors getting back to Earth. But why?

Treyarch has been making MANY bible references. In the bible, the bridge to hell and earth is impossible. Nothing can come back from hell. So how do they get out? They must be freed from captivity.

But Alpha, it would take some sorta angel to bring back a damned soul. But who says we don’t have one?

Al Arlington is not what he seems. EVER. Just looking at him we can tell something is up. What if he is the connection to hell? Through him, we are trapped. The cycle continues because he continually dies. We are made to think we did this right by the easter egg achievement. But what if the exact opposite were true?

The real ending, the truthful one, ends when Al kills all, thus freeing their souls from this hell. He is the necessary tool to mend the rift.

Back to Samuel. We don’t know what that demonic voice was. He just told him to mend the rift. We know Richtofen shows up a few minutes later to become the voice in his head again. That voice I believe, is the very essence of the Devil. And a jail can no longer hold him…

So that’s my theory. I know it was a hard read. Probably had a ton of mistakes, but I think this is the real deal. So in short:

-The cycle is broken by killing everyone.

-The island is actually a manifestation of hell.

-The “Rift” is the Golden Gate bridge.

-The tool to mend the “Rift” is Al Arlington.

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I find the whole reincarnation / mending the rift similarity very important..

Another simple similarity.. When you all die in Die Rise.. The door slamming sounds.. Is the sound of the guard on MotD.. So I guess the end of Die Rise signals the beginning of MotD..

Also.. How about a NAV table? It it MIA until map pack 3???

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