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Turned for Die Rise

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Alright here's my current idea for turned for die rise: I think trayarch will drop us a second mini dlc package, but instead of bacon camos and nuketown zombies, we'll be getting new turned greif or survival maps for die rise! Here's my "Turned" ideas!

Idea 1: Dragon's castle!

Basicly zombies will be running around rampaging the player along the roof of the dragon building as well as the floor underneath it, but no where else! This means plenty of camping spots and a new "level" physics to deal with as well, meaning now you not only have to worry about the zombies Infront of you, but the zombie's on top of you as well! Sounds fun to me!

Idea 2: Up-fall...

Here, your in the upside down building, specifically before the shaft, a player and zombie can move anywhere between the box spawn (Not here) and the Buddha room. All players spawn on the top floor though, so if a player drops down to a lower level, it makes the zombies harder to reach, as well as vice versa for the zombie's view. If all the zombies end up on the bottom floor and the person on the top, a zombie can jump off a building and sacrafice themselves to respawn and reach the human.

Idea 3: Attention zombie shoppers...

Here you start off in spawn, and have access to the top, second and third floors of the building, meaning the tramplesteam room is avaible, as well as the bar. A person can spawn anywhere and zombie's as well, the elevators will be running, but the perks won't be in the elevators, just debris. But they can still be used as a lift to get between floor and floor!

New features:

These are just new ideas, none of them HAVE to be introduced...

1: One new perk: Flesh Fizz! : Can only be consumed while a zombie and will give a zombie a bit more life, at the expense of their own score... Does not work for humans... If you respawn as a human or a zombie, you loose the perk... It is relatively cheep though, only costing 500$...

2: New weapons line up: (Reverse gun game -not avaible in Green run)

Executioner-->An94--> SVU--> S12-->Colt--> M14---> starter pistol

3: New drops:


1: Meat: Works like a monkey bomb but is faster and doesn't explode or hurt zombies...

2: Perk bottle: Removes the "Flesh" perk from all zombies on the other team...


1: Perk bottle: Gives the zombie who grabbed it the "Flesh" perk free of charge..

2: Golden shoe: Makes the human slower.


1:Respawn: When grabbed by any player will respawn them with out it counting as a down and will maintain their current form (Human or zombie)..

So those are my ideas! Please converse...

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Sorry, but I hope they bury Turned, and never attempt to resurrect it again.

It is a ridiculously poor mode, that offers just a few seconds of laughter, then boredom set's in. At least Grief has a stronger element in place, and probably would be fun on Die Rise, but Turned is very, very poor.

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Sorry, but I hope they bury Turned, and never attempt to resurrect it again.

It is a ridiculously poor mode, that offers just a few seconds of laughter, then boredom set's in. At least Grief has a stronger element in place, and probably would be fun on Die Rise, but Turned is very, very poor.

Well thats because it was a rushed mode they were just testing.. All beta versions suck, no mater what the game...

They just need some more elements, a bigger map and a few other bits and bobs!

A create a class system could come into play here, where the human has a choise of a different line of weapons... As Both a zombie (hell hound/nova) and a human (Different, BUT EQUIL, gun lineup)

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I don't exactly think Die Rise would be very suitable for Turned, just because of the vertical layout which requires a ton of jumping and drop-offs. If it were implemented in some fashion, I could see the sweatshop (below the rooftops) or Buddha Room being a potential area to play. But not bad ideas, friendo! :)

I wouldn't call Turned a poorly constructed mode. The idea was nestled int he zombie franchise for quite a while, but never truly was given birth to until now. I think it's simple and clever - gives everyone a chance to be the survivor and the zombie. We get to enjoy demolishing the human as a freakbag, and then gain sweet, sweet revenge on those same zombies. It gets harder progressively so the challenge is ultimately how long you can survive.

Will you rely on teamwork from time to time in order to gain your reward, or will you use solo tactics to became a legendary slayer?

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