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The 2nd Advert Page

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Though I would strike up a new thread on this one rather than Hijacking another one.

I've been looking at the loading screen for the last couple of weeks and have seen an "other advert" page but didn't find any info on it. It seems only to make an appearance on the Shangra-La loading screen, but is slipped in before Kino Der Toten loading screen.

Is this advert page a representation of the maps from [email protected] or does it have some other meaning?

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Hmm...I don't know what to make of this thread. It doesn't seem that there is anything to discuss. We don't see any adverts your talking about, only the edge of a page.


Ok, in the image of Shangri-La above, the page I am talking about is circled.

The question is, what does this page represent? It wasn't present before Shangri-La, almost just appeared out of no where. If you look closely you can see that this advert page is positioned before the Kino Der Toten Loading screen. Now surley this has some purpose on the storyline but I don't know what it is and I wondered if other did. Does it reference the previous zombie maps from World at War?

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It kind of looks like it could be the inside of the comic book's "cover". The comic book-style loading screens started with Black Ops, so I don't think it's a reference to World at War at all. I personally don't think it holds any real significance story-wise. Just there to give you more of that comic book feel.

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