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Richtofen's Grand Scheme 2?

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Hi, I'm Eric. This is my first post on the forums, so forgive me if this has already been brought up somewhere. Link me your thread and I'll credit you. Anyway, while I like to believe the "Vril people are using Richtofen as a puppet" or "Infinite Time Loop" theories, I decided to sit down and come up with another proper storyline explanation of my own that doesn't involve those.

Basically, Richtofen has had a hand in the creation of the Flesh cult. They state that they have "ascended to a higher plane of enlightenment and are not in danger from the zombies." What I think this means is that once someone joins the Flesh and eats a zombie, Richtofen, being in control, prevents the zombies from attacking them.

Why would he do this, you ask? Because, if we use Samuel as an example, people who haven eaten a zombie can hear Richtofen. Now, if you heard a magic voice, and suddenly the zombies left you alone, then you would probably listen to him, but I'll come back to that.

Why does Richtofen want to complete the Tower Of Babel? Simple. He wants to restore the Earth to what it once was to rule over, as he said. :mrgreen:

Now back to listening to him. Once he restores the Earth, he uses the threat of Zombies to convert as many people to the Flesh as possible, and kills anyone who won't join, until Humanity is nothing but the Flesh. Over time, Richtofen could use the zombies as a type of "Private Army" to keep people under control and people would come to view him as a God.

TL;DR Richtofen restores Earth and uses the zombies to make everyone become part of the Flesh cult and worship him as God for the rest of eternity.

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Welcome to the community, friendo! For someone who just registered on here, I must say that you have a very excellent there. It's not to say that all new members don't know how to theorize, but it's good to see that you read up and formulated your own idea based off pre-existing concepts. Great job. :)

I think you may be on to something. The original plan for 115 was to develop intense weaponry and create super soldiers for Germany way back in the 1940's while Richtofen was still involved in Group 935. To say that he wants to go through with it once more but for his own intentions now is...extremely relevant. Richtofen also had similar experiences to that of The Flesh cult members since there are is soft evidence of him having a certain appetite for zombie flesh (hence his quotes in Black Ops).

Using The Flesh as his army seems like the most ideal solution to being in complete power. By doing so, he can create a utopia of zombie flesh-eating minions to worship him as a god like you said. I don't think he'll kill of those who impose a threat to him, but rather force them into the cult. After all, not everyone will be obliged to eat zombie flesh. It'll be the same dictatorship to that of Mussolini or Hitler.

Genius post of yours is genius. Keep up the amazing ideas!

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I have been thinking along these same lines too. The cult formed due to Richtofen's power. This is not the first time that Richtofen got his jollies being worshiped. He became a god-king to the Ancients from Shangri-La as well.

I would just like to say, that the more zombies that get killed, the stronger Richtofen gets. Keep this in mind and also consider that Richtofen is communicating with the "infected" (Eaters of zombie flesh) but may not have told them that the zombies are directly under his control. Doing this he can ensure that zombies are killed and have a loyal following. I personally have no doubts that "The Flesh" are Richtofen's creation, after all, some people will believe anything when they are afraid for their lives.

Your theory is simple and straight forward and I like it. Frankly there are only a few solid theories that make sense from all angles and this is one of them.

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Love it, man. Especially because it is well thought through, and it'd mean another Zombies game!

Thanks, man! And I know, I'm so on the line about whether or not I want Blops2 to be the end of Zombies. I'm scared if we keep it up it'll get run into the ground, fast. I'll make a thread about it later. And btw, about your desc, add me on xbox, UNTAMEDxERIC I never got the chance to do the Blops Easter Eggs myself.

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