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Reincarnation Theory *PLEASE READ*

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I'd like to get opinions for this. This is a theory. I have no facts for this, I'd just like opinions, or someone to give me facts that contradict this theory.

I believe the old characters were reincarnated. As the new 4. Tank-Misty, Nikolai-Marlton, Takeo-Russman, Richtofen-Samuel.

Please give opinions on what you think! Please!

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I guess this is possible. Although in my opinion unlikely. Are you referring to character Archetypes? Or the characters themselves. Most noteable hole is that Richtofen is trapped in Aether and couldnt be reincarnated. I would love to see you expand on this theory a bit. Exactly what you mean seems a bit hazy.

Although this game is full of WTF? moments and an extremely elaborate sometimes convoluted storyline, I don't believe they would go all "J. J. Abrams" on zombies like that. I refer to him because he is notorious for trying (and often failing) to mindfrak the viewer.

Although I can see something along those lines taking place. Maybe the zombies storyline was once unified with WaW and BO (normal) Universe and all the time travel and paradoxes created caused a "rift" between worlds. Otherwise time traveling to your own future and then your own past would cause many anomalies in your universe.

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Perhaps it's not necessarily the original four being reincarnated (as we have no proved them dead yet), but I could see the new four being "restored" to a former state in a given time lapse is a better definition. If we are to assume that Richtofen has the power to reverse time, couldn't he have done this since Moon to prevent anyone from going against his plans? I see it more as the power to revive the dead; if he could do so with the zombies and manipulate them, surely him reviving the new crew (in Great Leap Forward) would unintentionally alter the timeline, thus making us go back in time slightly. That is, if the crew does die (which in this case, is their first time).

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I'm hoping they didn't die, I would seriously like to see an appearance or at least SOMETHING.

It just seems like it ended so abruptly with so many mysteries and closed doors.

In a lot of Richtofen Quotes he talks about missing the O3 like

"What? Your dont want Voldka? Who are you?!"

"UGhh you guys are soo boring I miss the others"

You can really tell that the doc has actually made a bond with the others even though he just used them.

I know it sounds crazy but I do think we might see an 8 player survival (other than grief..) MAYBE.. just MAYBE.

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