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Perks Dropping From Sky


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Just wanted to put a thread up seeing if anyone has found a way to get perks to drop. It seems that its random at times, but i've noticed that it always drops all 5 before round 25. I played a few games the other night, and in 2 of them noone went down or got really close to going down, by the time the 1st perk dropped, round 4or5?. and it was jug both times. The other games someone went down alot and eventually bailed, but it dropped quick revive once and DT2 twice. I remember the moon map may have been coincidence but there was a method to get jug to spawn instead of speed cola that worked about 80% of the time, so those are the tricks i was looking to document.


I know it's probably just more coincidence but in a few matches last night just before a perk was to drop(every 4 or 5 rounds) i went up to the pile of crates pressed square alot. Next i killed a few zombies by single shot taping with an automatic, just tap tap tap no full spray. Both times the next perk to drop was DT2! Then while reloading full clip empty i ran around preventing my guy from actually reloading, dropped a claymore to get a kill, and in both games the next perk to drop was speed cola.

I believe that there are certain in game challenges in order to get the perks you want/need. as far as when they drop its probably has something to do with total score or just like dog/monkey rounds. Anyone else tried any of this?

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