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Stulinger was injected with 115?

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Okay, I'm going to keep this Write up short, since I've had to write it twice since when I wrote it the first time, it crashed.

My theory is that Stulinger was injected with 115, thats why he keeps claiming he was 'Probed', instead of being probed he was injected. Its made him crazy and it shows in most of his quotes.

If you didn't know, Dempsi, Nikolai and Takeo were too, injected with element 115, it gave them special traits, such as Nikolai having an unstoppable need for Vodka. Well Stulinger's trait could be him being hungry for zombies, it'd make sense, especially in most his quotes, such as Hey,

You don't bite me, I BITE YOU!

Thanks for reading this short write-up and please visit the youtube channel NGTZombies since he is the reason I come up with most of my theorys, but I do come up with most of it myself.

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It's not a bad idea; we've seen how our characters react to 115, so it's a possibility. He quotes being probed because it's actually a redirect statement to aliens. People who have claimed to "come in contact with aliens" have often said they were "anally probed". But I did, however, find conclusive information regarding injections as probes:

http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_ ... tees10.htm

(It also talks about Lucifer's Rebellion, which I'm sure has already been discussed. Nevertheless, and interesting read.)

This is the typical account of an abductee who witnesses the said alien procedures. We have, for a long time, regarded aliens as an important factor in the zombie storyline. The fact that we have a conspiracy nut-job like Stuhlinger doesn't surprise me the least bit; though I think it's just the paranoia really kicking in. Does he have some kind of relation to 115? Possibly. The character has a strange desire to eat zombie flesh, as if he's already done this before.

The original crew were injected with 115, but they are considered the "lucky" experiments. Most of the test subjects failed the tests (Richtofen's radio transcripts), and these four managed to survive through them but with minor detrimental factors. To say that Stuhlinger was injected with 115 is to say he is a successful experiment. But in this case, simply interacting with zombies infused in 115 makes any and all characters we play as somehow tolerable of the element.

Keep those ideas comin'! :)

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I like lithiums idea. However if 3 out of the 4 O4 have been injected 115, surely they would not crave flesh too? Stu's quotes suggests he's a cannibal, or eaten zombie flesh. Unless, Stu has been brain-washed by richtofen when Rich was talking to him i the ToB EE. Rich was a cannibal, just listen to his Kino quotes.

So there is possibility Stu (like the o4) has been injected with 115, but with the added case of having richtofen's cannibalistic ideas as well. I really think Sam is the one to watch in the T4, him and Marlton..

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