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Tesla Gun

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Ok I have seen at least a half dozen posts saying that this new wonder weapon is the tesla gun. Where the hell have I been? What is their reasoning for saying this? I dont think it can be true because well, I would have heard about it! Was it something leaked, or just speculated upon that became popularly assumed to be true? Someone help me out on this one. I would really appreciate it. :D

Team Tesla FTW

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Exactly. Not only that, but no where has anyone said that the new wonder weapon is going to be called the Tesla Gun. Not only that, but what's the name for a gun that fires bolts of electricity? The Tesla Gun (by the way, the most powerful one known to be in existence can only shoot a one foot long non lethal bolt of electricity). And...don't we already have a gun that shoots electricity? Oh YEAH! The wonderwaffe.

Enough with Tesla Gun. People need to put that name out of their heads.

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