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  1. that looks pretty awesome actually
  2. uh what? are you saying these will be in BO2?
  3. That looks pretty darn close, but if I had to guess, there are probably a good bit of these old style bus stops around the United States Could be a lot of places... Or that one :lol:
  4. was there talk of a leveling system? I doubt there will be one
  5. Could you post the link the new emblems for a noob please?
  6. That's definitely corn Am I the only one that kind of wishes they would move back to an atmosphere more akin to NDU? I don't mean to say I don't want a big map with power to turn on and no perks or anything, just saying I liked the atmosphere and close quarters NDU had to offer. There was no place to run in circles for hours on end, and that made it much scarier. More like a survival horror I do like Easter eggs and everything though, so I want those to stay. Just like the dark, erie feeling NDU offered. Vurrukt and shi no Numa did a good job with it too, as did der r
  7. It definitely looks like a farm to me or could be. And this is coming from someone who lives in Alabama and grew up on a farm The "bushes" on the right and left are pretty clearly corn as you can see the long "ears" of corn, as my grandfather use to say, falling to the side And as for the question of why you would have a light on a farm. A farm is no different than any other place. You have to have light to see haha. Especially when you are working with heavy equipment that can cut your arm off. And yes, farming goes on at night too... On my grandfather's farm (grew corn, cucumb
  8. I agree. As frustrating as it might be, it makes the gaming experience so much better. Smells bits and pieces of info every once in a while is much more my style
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