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Idea about recent twitter pictures

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So as you all know, there have been new pictures that everyone has been saying are either levels for zombie rank, perk cola emblems, etc... But, what I was thinking was that what if the 4z4 mode is like regular multiplayer but with zombies thrown in (I don't like the idea of this but I had to share it). Then all of the new pictures could be perks specifically for 4z4. They do look somewhat similar to the perks you would see in Black Ops 1. I think it could be something like what MrDalekJD experienced in his latest video about what Nuketown 2025 could be like. Sorry that I don't have a link, i'm pressed for time.

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I'd be shocked if they didn't have Infected.

MW3, while not what most people wanted and highly disappointing, had a few things that were very good. Kill Confirmed was so good that even Treyarch had to add it into their game. Team Defender is a niche game, but can be a lot of fun. Infected and Drop Zone are also very popular game modes that exclusive right now to MW3.

So game mode wise, MW3 didn't do that bad on their new modes. Also, think about this. Infected, but no knife with your characters. Infected is more Left 4 Deadish. Zombie arms are all you have(can you say PC Nacht?) and you go attack other players.

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