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Dr. Maxis

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Dr. Maxis is dead. Samantha admits it herself. His soul however is still trapped in Aether, based on quotes from Shangri La and Moon.

He can still communicate via electronics in the Aether, just as Dr. Gersch did during our time at Ascension.

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I see where you're coming from. His body is dead, but his spirit lives on, as someone else mentioned, trapped in the Aether. Whilst I don't fully understand what qualifies as something Maxis can communicate through, I presume it is only things that are powered with 115 (Like Gersch can through the Kassimir Mechanism.

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It couldn't have been a security system. He obviously talks to the group specifically and he even expresses distress when the missiles hit in the wrong places.

"Oh dear. Well, that was a bigger explosion than I have anticipated. I have done all I can"

Correct. It simply cannot be some sort of security protocol or recording based on some of Maxis' reactions:

"But she's just a little girl Edward!"

"Hmm, that was a much bigger explosion than I anticipated..."

He's seeing the events in real time. He's having a conversation with Richtofen in real time.

Maxis' body is dead. His soul is trapped in Aether. This is the SAME thing that happened to Dr. Gersch at the Russian cosmodrome. Maxis is communicating via electronic devices aka the PA system of Griffin Station.

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