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Zombies campaign?

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if you were to have a zombie campaign how would it work out would it be like regular campaign but with zombies or like how would it work with upgrading guns or can you in this campaign i think it would be awesome anyways but ya how would it work

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Many many people have been asking/pleading for a campaign. I see no reason for them to not do one. I mean, just cause it's there, doesn't mean that you HAVE to play it. I wish that people who disagree with it would just chill out. And if we (that is the people who think/hope there will be a campaign for zombies) happen to be wrong, fine! The others can rub it in our faces all they want. Just wait until we've been proven wrong first. THEN start acting high and mighty.

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I mean, I said that I know for a fact that it is on the cod wiki. I then say that its not necessarily a reliable source. I neither supported nor refuted the possibility of a zombie campaign. How does that make me wrong? I was just putting it out there since it is possibly real and you guys could discuss.

The fact that it was on wiki doesn't make it entirely impossible. It certainly doesn't confirm anything either. Based on the reliability of wiki, regardless of whether there will or will not be a campaign, the information shouldn't be taken too seriously. However it is still not completely disproven as of now.

I mean, we still know very little about zombies. We don't know who the characters will be, where the map is, or any new features of the map apart from a small glimpse of a street and a diner. If they announced a campaign it would make fanboys and girls freak out. That kind of juicy news would wait until a full on reveal or very near to release.

So, Tankeo, as of now you have not quite won yet!

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