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If the dont include them then i say let bygones be bygones. 10 maps is lot, I'd like to see the team working on other things. New maps, more guns, better or more perks, a better hit detection system.

I personally am 21, been playing since I beat the campaign on WaW and downloaded veruckt and every other DLC even though I dont play multiplayer. I like how the old maps in the Black Ops edition but it wasnt something that I thought was necessary. Simple as changing a disc.

I think, if they do include old maps, add them later in a DLC or give them free to those who already have them. No thought on Elite since i refuse to learn anything about it until its confirmed zombies will be effected by not having it.

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16 here as well. If they did the same thing as BO where it was a free bonus with hardened and Prestiege, I'd be fine. DLC wise...It'd make sense for it to cost something since porting maps over aren't entire easily. I can see things like Ascension and Moon being a pain in the ass to do. And on top of that, rather than 4, we're talking 8 maps. I guess. A good solution would be...I don't know.

What I want to know is when the old WaW maps will be brought to BOZ on iOS.

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