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All my spec ops mission high scores (7 World Records)

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Sniper Fi Console World Record:

High Explosive Console World Record

Negotiator Console World Record

O Cristo Redentor Console World Record

Acceptable Losses Co-op Console World Record

Flood the Market World Record

Server Crash World Record

Resistance Movement (7th on PS3)

Resistance Movement Co-op (7th on PS3)

Milehigh Jack (3rd on PS3)

Black Ice (3rd on PS3)

Fire Mission Co-op (7th on PS3)

Stay Sharp 18.0 seconds

Stay Sharp Co-op (Soloed) 25.1

Stay Sharp Co-op 18.4 seconds

Charges Set 22.4 seconds

Hostage Taker (7th on PS3)

Hit and Run (7th on PS3, currently 3rd)

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I'll never be able to get a WR of my own... :cry:

Keep trying for kill switch! xD

This thread has helped me in so many ways...

Ehh I doubt I'll get a WR on Kill Switch, I'm no where near Phxntxm's level. I think I can hit Top 5 tho, I'm currently Rank 10.

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