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what cod would you want next!

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I want a Call of Duty that isn't a copy and paste of the last three. I love Call of Duty and its multiplayer, but it is getting worse every time. The only way I can have fun is if I am with friends. For the campaign I want it to be Black Ops 2. It would be awesome if the game was played in Reznov's Point of view if he is still alive.

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It was slightly hinted at being a 2nd Black Ops, then Amazon.fr and a Dev on the game leaked that it'll be called Black Ops 2. No official word from Activision yet, but keep 'em peeled over the next few days, cause they always say something after a leak. Honestly, I think it's way too early for them. Blops 2 got leaked, and now Treyarch are running around like headless chickens. "WTF DO WE DO? WE'RE NOT READY! WE DON'T HAVE ANY TRAILERS OR ANYTHING!" :lol:

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Well I would want CoD 9...

Seriously though, it will be a [email protected] 3 or BO2


Black ops was a continuation to [email protected] in a small way-Reznov, Nazis etc. so B.O 2 will be a small or direct continuation from B.O where Mason finds Reznov. (there's this code but I can't remember it so can some one explain it please)

I looked at post-cold war wars but found small minor wars (either internal wars or very minor semi-global wars) so it might be Mason avoiding everyone.

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