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would you want a human vs. zombie gametype on xbox live!

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so like 6 people work together to escape the map AKA objectives & people can control zombies like l4d versus & there objectives for them to kill the 6! it might be risky cause you got to get treyarch to do this so i think there should be no rounds,similar bosses, & mostly a horde of zombies coming after you after a objective or if your a zombie mabye nothing! & mabye new types of zombies! there will be voting for 2 maps on xbox live or PSN! also people should join during the game with a class & i was thinking we should customize our guns & rank theme up like mw3 but there will be 35 levels on the guns & at 35 you unlock pack a punch & you cannot use equipment because you get it when you spawn aka the gernades you can unlock sentries,defenses,bombs etc. by leveling up! so do you think this could be a game type! if yes would you add anything if no why? ok thank you!

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Here's an Idea!

If they were to make an "All-Zombies" Game, heres how they could have Campaign, Multiplayer, AND the classic Zombies mode.

First, Campaign: Take the original Zombie levels, and remake them so that they can be won. You know, objectives and such, and possibly working the easter eggs into it. And, everytime you complete a level in "Story Mode", you unlock that level in the classic zombies mode. Plus, I was thinking that they split the Campaign into two paths: One following Richtofen, Tank, Takeo, and Nikolai, And one following another group, say, maybe part of a survival unit of the army, trying to save refugees and such. And eventually, the two paths would meet up, and they would end up working together to end the Zombie apocolypse for good.

Second, Multiplayer: Make it like "normal" Multiplayer for CoD, but with a few slight changes. For the first few minutes of the match, everything would be normal (people trying to kill each other). But then, with no warning, zombies start swarming onto the map! Now, the players are left with a choice: Fight both their enemies AND the zombies, or coordinate with the other players to survive the onslaught, and get more kills. (You would respawn regardless, but better to survive than to be eaten, eh?) Also, killstreaks would still be in effect, but with a twist. Human killstreaks would be what we're used to(i.e. Spy plane, sentry gun, mortar strike, etc.). ZOMBIE killstreaks would be completely unique. I was thinking something like, Perk-a-Cola Machine drops via Care Package, Pack-a-Punch machine drops, mystery box drops, Wonder Weapon drops, etc. (Imagine for a minute, how awesome it would be to kill an enemy player with a Wave Gun! :lol: )

Finally, Zombies mode: Basically the same as usual, but could have a few changes. I don't know how it could be changed with out it being ruined, it's so AWESOME, but If the Black Ops maps were any indication, Treyarch will find a way to top them!!!

Input please! Good :) ? Bad :( ? Completely out of my mind :twisted: ?

Come on! It's got to be at least partially Boss!!

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