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~~ Tom's Fast XP Guide ~~ Worthwhile easy challenges ~~


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I thought I share my fast XP strategy to level up fast.

For those who have not read it, check this:


First, I need you to tell my play style. I play basically only Hardcore Domination with this. There, the gun choice is not that important, and you don't get raped by snipers and akimbos all the time.

I use one SMG Class and one AR Class.



I personally bring up 3-4 guns to 500 kills. In the beginning, I just use only one gun (MP5, UMP, Scar, M4A1...). I use it till 500 kills. Once done, as just said, an SMG and an AR is done up to 500 kills. Basically it, could also be a Sniper or a Shotgun... Once these done, I mostly go with the MP7 in the end, which might not reach 500 anymore.

Make sure, you earn 20k at 500 kills. There is the regular gun challenge, and there is also a veteran challenge at 500, 1000, and 2500 kills. So If u used a gun twice already [veteran @ 1000] you won't earn a veteran challenge at 1500!


Attachments are done as said in the guide: I do all the challenges that do not lower my kill ability. Which is for SMG Rapid fire, Silencer and Extended mags, for the AR it's everything but Thermal, Shotgun and Hybrid.

Secondary guns

I use Stinger only, see below. Usually I can make it up to the 10k challenge with it at I think 100 shots.


You get 10k at 300 kills with them. I focus on these: Range for SMG, Kick and Stabilityfor AR, Attachment for attachment challenges.

Because Stability is unlocked late, make sure to use it as soon as available. Kick and Attachments can be easily done later with your 4th gun. Also well work Speed, Damage and Breath. Other challenges are crap.

I usually get about 1800 kills in one prestige level in total. Only 1200 are needed for those 4 proficiencies. So don't worry too much about Range, Kick, and Attachments. Just make sure to get it over with Stability, cause it's so late unlocked. And you should not use a gun, with that you already got your 500 kills, just to be able to finish Stability. I also already used the SMG with Stability, just to be able to finish it.


Perk Tier 1 (blue)

Blind Eye is imho a must have. But we won't use it all the time, there are some cool challenges. Put in a Stinger in the second gun slot. Accept the predator and chopper and sentry and whatever downs.

Right in the beginning of your prestige, put in Sleight of Hand. You need 300 kills while having the perk. Blind Eye might be unlocked, before you finished your 300 kills, but just stick to it till done.

Easy to get is Scavenger, too. So put it in when available. You need 250 collected ammo packages. For the Pro challenge, you just need to get 300 kills. So both, pro and normal challenges, are awesome, and you can work well on both at the same time! Once you unlock the Pro version, you start with max ammo. That means, you don't pick additional ammo up automatically. So what i did was, whenever i spawned, i gave a shot and reloaded, so I could pick a package up. When I saw like 5 ammo packages at a hot spot (e.g. flag in dom), I shot, reload, pick up, repeat. This killed me from time to time, so don't forget to watch the game... :o

It would be awesome to put Scavenger in specialist, but it does not really fit my play style. That is why I have it constantly equipped, till these challenges are done.

Once Sleight and Scavenger are done, you switch to Blind Eye. Its Pro challenge is awesomely quick done and goes together with the not-pro challenge [just get choppers down with the stinger].

I don't recommend the other tier 1 perk challenges.

Perk Tier 2 (red)

Quickdraw is awesomely easy to get. I do that in the beginning, when other red perks are still locked. You need 200 kills with it. Goes hand in hand with sleight of hand, that also just needs kills ;)

We use Specialist at 20+, so Hardline goes and stays in that slot, after Quickdraw is done. It also stays in there, once you have all Hardline challenges to maximum completed. You quickly get 500 specialist killstreak rewards, as well usually I get 80 assist rewards by the pro version. Hardline speeds up all the specialist and perk challenges, so it's imho a must have.

Assassin and Assassin Pro are nice challenges. Since slot 2 is blocked, we put Assassin into the specialist reward. You need 100 Kills, while enemy UAV is up. The pro needs - I think - 50 kills while an enemy CUAV or EMP is on. Since that is rare, and my Assassin is in specialist slot 2, I have trouble to get that easy challenge. So what I do is, I copy my fast XP class and swap out Hardline with Assassin Pro. As soon as an EMP comes in, I switch to that Assassin class and switch back, once the EMP ended. This will let you earn the Assassin Pro thing really quick. The normal challenge is anyway earned, even without special treats. So many UAV's are called in, it's amazing.

Overkill would also be super easy. But it does absolutely not fit in my stuff (want stinger as secondary, and want hardline). So I ignore it. You just need some kills with your secondary primary for the challenges of Overkill.

Perk Tier 3 (yellow)

SMG class

Nice challenges here are Steady Aim and Dead Silence. Steady Aim needs 300 hipfire kills. Steady Aim Pro needs kills after sprinting, which you can't really take well influence, but you will anyway earn something there. Dead Silence needs 125 or 250(?) close range kills. Dead Silence Pro needs 'fall and survive', which is pretty dumb imho. I ignore that.

Those are very well done with an SMG hipfire spray. Spray, not pray and spray! So that is why I have Steady Aim equipped, and Dead Silence in specialist slot 1.

AR class

On the other hand for the assault rife, a very nice challenge is Stalker. You need 300 ADS kills with it. The Pro Challenge is not easy to get. You need to delay trigger claymores, IMS and similar. I basically ignore it. I love the semi-wallhack Marksman, that is why I have Marksman equipped, and Stalker in specialist slot 1. However, Marksman is impossible to get with an AR. You need to hold breath. And I won't use the breath proficiency.

Those are the ones I hunt. I focus rather on the gameplay abilities, then on the challenges in the yellow perk section. Rewards for Steady Aim and Stalker are also given at 750 kills, which is not worth hunting. But I like those perks, so I use them anyway and might get even up to 750.

Streak reward


Specialist is what you use. The advantages are:

    [*:4bc1cik8]Basically double XP. At 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13... kills you get an additional 100 or 150 XP, I ain't even sure.
    [*:4bc1cik8]We have very easy challenges like "Earn Recon x times"
    [*:4bc1cik8]You also work on the challenge of the earned perks, and in case unlocked also on the pro version of it.
    [*:4bc1cik8]Rewards are already given at very low killstreaks.
    [*:4bc1cik8]At a 7 streak, you earn all perks and proficiencies, so you are the Terminator himself then.

Be aware: Also destroying an enemy equipment (e.g. Bouncing Betty), destroying an enemy killstreak (e.g. Sentry Gun), getting down an enemy chopper (e.g. UAV), as well capturing an objective counts towards your killstreak. That is why I like to put Sitrep in my specialist slot 3, having a Stinger with Blind Eye Pro and EMP nades.

Specialist reward choice

This is really individual here, so pick in there what you want. All cool perk challenges are mentioned. My choices are stated below. Don't forget to keep your gameplay at a good level. So I really want to use Marksman with an AR, although the challenge is impossible to get. Just take perks that work for your game, and that have awesome challenges. Be aware that specialist perk challenges go much slower, since you don't own the perk all the time. Especially the 6th perk you get at 5 kills will make almost no progress.

Earning challenges

The 'earn a perk x times' rewards are given at:

5 - 500 - 100 per earn

15 - 1000 - 100 per earn

30 - 2500 - 167 per earn

75 - 5000 - 111 per earn

150 - 10000 - 133 per earn

250 - 10000 - 100 per earn

350 - 10000 - 100 per earn

500 - 10000 - 67 per earn

According to the table above, it is absolutely worth earning every single perk 30 times. If you put that specific perk you work on in slot 1 with hardline, two games should be enough to earn the perk 30 times, and therefore get a total of 4000 xp (2000 per game). I do that straight once hardline is available. This messes the game play a bit up, but as said, since also capturing flags or shooting down UAV's will help you, it's really easy.

Later on, I put useful perks in Slot 1 (Stalker for AR and Dead Silence for SMG).

As we can see, it's nice to earn those 150 times. At 150, I wanna swap my regular yellow perk with my yellow perk in the first specialist slot. That way, I work on earning the other one 150 times [additional 19k xp]. Once done, I just start working on the 250 limit. Normally, this is reached quick with the slot 1 perk. I sometimes even reach the 350. But I definitely dont wanna go for 500, thats not worth it! Compare with the demo class setup below.

Fast perk earning

Play a rush style, play a fast game mode. S&D is absolutely not suited in my opinion. I would focus on things like Groundwar, Domination, Sabotage and so on.

Rush means you die often, but you also kill often. The more kills, the more earns. Don't worry about the K/D. For XP as far as I know, a 30/100 is better then a 20/0.


Use Frags and get 50 kills. After that, use what you want for your optimal gameplay. Other challenges than the Frag one are really difficult to get, respectively depend on the enemy's behavior.


Easy to stun, flash and EMP 50 Enemies here. Think the rewards are given at 10, 25 and 50. So just do each 50, and get a total of about 25k XP with tacticals. Now we also have a nice nice synergy here. Since flashed and stunned and EMPed enemies, that another guy kills, count as assists, it's very good with Hardline Pro. As you know, also destroyed IMS and Sentries count as a kill, so perfect with your EMP grenade. In case you just work on Scavenger and you have no Blind Eye, the EMP grenade lets you also do short process with enemy sentry guns, that rape you.

Other challenges

Easy challenges

There are some nice challenges unlocked by time. I just wanna get them. Examples are:

Call in 2 UAV's/Predators/Choppers in a single game - each is rewarded with 2500 XP I think. I mean, easily and fast done. Just camp a bit for the chopper & use hardline.

Another one i just have in mind and i normally would miss is "fall 30 feet to your death"... Seatown at Flag A, visit the teddy down there. 10s for 1k xp or whatever that gives you :)

At about Rank 75-78 - almost done challenges

I check all challenges, that I normally don't observe. Since you sometimes might use the assault package for weekly challenges and similar, you might just need like one more Predator for 2500 XP or so... Or when u use the SMAW in the beginning, u might need 1 more kill for 5k XP or so... That is what I don't wanna miss. So I check all of them, and: Get these!

As well, since I put Assassin in the 2nd earning slot, I might not have progressed too well with that challenge. Whatever my perk earning challenges tell me, I might swap out hardline for Assassin.

If I need like 10 assist reward earns for Hardline Pro, I might play one game with the Recon Drone or so...

Just optimize everything in the end, so you get a good use of the challenges and no almost done challenges left.

Daily & Weekly

ONLY ONLY ONLY if they are fast and easy! Don't play weekly challenge optimized for 10 games and play so bad that you loose about 20'000 XP, just to earn a 5000 bonus from the weekly challenge. Also, DO NOT swap specialist out too often! Since specialist is anyway a double xp, as well all the challenges you work on with it (perk and earn perk), it is so much not worth to call in 15 sentry guns, what is right now the weekly challenge. Absolutely not worth it! That needs at least 10 games you are missing specialist!


At Level 80 I have:

3-4 guns at 500 kills with all easy-to-do attachment challenges done.

100 kills with the stinger


300 Kills with Kick

300 Kills with Attachments

300 Kills with Range

300 Kills with Stability


300 Kills with Sleight of Hand

250 Ammo packages with Scavenger collected

300 Kills while having Scavenger Pro

Some Blind Eye / Blind Eye Pro Birds shot down


200 Kills with Quickdraw

500 rewards got with Hardline

80 assist killstreaks by hardline pro.

100 Kills while enemy UAV [gotten only cause Assassin in Specialist Slot 2!]

50(?) Kills while enemy EMP or CUAV.


300 Kills while ADS with STalker (actually way more, maybe even 750, since I like that perk)

300 hipfire kills with Steady aim (actually way more, since it's basic equipment for me)

125 close range kills while using silence


150-250 earned Marksmans [AR Class]

250-350 earned Stalkers [AR Class]

150-250 earned Steady Aims [sMG Class]

250-350 earned Silences [sMG Class]

150-350 earned Assassins [both class at slot 2]

75-150 earned Sitreps [both classes at slot 3]

Any other perk 30 times earned

1500 total earned perks [this is tight to get, usually get it at 78-79]


50 Frag Kills


50 Flashes

50 Stuns

50 EMP's


A ton of stuff you get anyway, and you cannot keep an extra eye on anymore. Like kill the top player 3 times in a row and so on.


Yeah but these are all the challenges I keep my eyes on, and it works great so far. I completely do not do a Sniper or Shotgun class, do not use Assault or Support Strikes... I left all that out, just my SMG and AR class with Specialist.

So far, I notice a massive faster leveling up. 13&16 hours last prestiges.

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Recon Drones get you 150 xp for calling in an 50 for each tag and 20 for when the enemy is killed.

If you get it twice and a game an tag say 10 enemies its an extra 1500 xp PER GAME

SO if your trying to level up quickly I would reccomend using recon drone.

Also dead silence pro is 125 kills at close range.

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