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Is Treyarch focusing too much on story over gameplay?


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Not one of my opinions but an interesting one I stumpled upon while reading a responce to nazi zombies facebooks question; "Whats your fav zomb map and why?" The comment: "Moon sucks, 3arch is focusing on the story too much rather than gameplay"

I just want to know what are some of your opinions? Personally I believe 3arch just thrives on story for future locations, weapons, traps, etc. I think the core zombies gameplay right now is perfection if not damn close, but dive to prone sure changed it a bit in black ops and even spawned a perk evolving amd utilizing this new feature so with future zombs, what new gameplay mechs culd be added aswell?

(srry for the long read, just had to ponder some thoughts that I felt where onteresting enough to share)

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It's possible. These last Zombies maps have definitely been about progressing the story. In COD:WAW, Nazi Zombies was a miscellaneous, entertaining time-killer for when one wanted to take a break from Campaign and Multiplayer.

Nazi Zombies started off pretty basic.....then came the second map, giving player-characters voices and even introducing Perk-a-Colas. Then came Shi No Numa, introducing our four heroes, each with their own personalities and such, and then a mythos was most definitely born due to the abundance of easter eggs tying in with the theme of Nazi Zombies. Der Riese took it all a step further.....and then we had (and still have) a Nazi Zombies community (or COD Zombies, assuming "Nazi Zombies" is pretty much outdated after Black Ops).

It can be assumed that the Zombies pillar in COD:BO had intention of progressing the storyline to the established mythos. These four map-packs (which I want to call "FEAR" but people may mistake it for First Encounter Assault Recon) even went as far as to implement major easter eggs, requiring no less than four players in a session. But one thing I did notice was that the gameplay was pretty much the same. There were some innovations here and there, but for all intents and purposes, the gameplay (especially the formula & weapons) stayed the same. The gameplay remaining the same is either for better or for worse; Treyarch has said a couple of times that they know the formula in Zombies is popular as it is, and they don't plan on changing it. Personally, I wish they brought back some weapons from COD:WAW, such as the MG42 and PPSh-41, and included the M60....alas, they didn't.

I think that if Treyarch is more intent on progressing the mythos' storyline, then they should break down and make a COD Zombies game.

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Thanks for the reply.

On topic: Yea zombies was a misc. game mode that was built on the purpose of fun and a break from mp n campaign, but as you stated it has evolved into its own feauture gaining a community and dawning an intense and puzzling story. If this game mode is popular enough for movie stars and its own dlc package, its deff worth a stand-alone hame but at what risk? Zombie maps are pretty one sided theres really no progression in game, its about survival. Maybe 100+ rpunds for next map in campaign as progression?

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I might have possibly said yes to focusing more on the story, until Moon dropped. It such a fun map and adds a whole bunch of new gameplay elements. Fluctuating gravity, the new Hacker device, a QED grenade that can totally change the outcome of a game, No Man's Land. They've really added alot more gameplay elements in Moon that makes it one of the funnest and most replayable map to date.

To the OP, I have no idea why that guy on the FB page would say that Moon sucks. That guy's smoking something crazy, that I for once don't want to take a hit of :lol: Stoner joke, sorry.

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Overall I'd say yes, in COTD and Shangri-La I kinda felt that 3ARC just quickly put together some ideas for new gameplay features and mostly concentrated on the new Easter Egg. But with Moon I think they did the job properly, the new things added to the map had me saying "Heh, that's pretty damn cool" rather than "Why the f*** did they think it was a good idea to add that?!".

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I think that 3arch may be a little to focused on story rather than gameplay, Do you remember when Zombies was about surviving to high rounds and bustin' zombie skulls? I do. I don't know about you guys but I feel that Zombies has turned into just a massive hunt for the next EE, a good example of this is how subtle was the EE for Ascension; you hear the voice then nothing. Unlike in CotD where one of the main rooms pretty much tells you that you have to do the easter eggs with the crew trapped behind the door and being so loud.

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The EEs in my personal opinion are nothing more than "side missions" or "story fillers" if treyarc never put EEs youd have nothing to look forard to doing. If a zombie map gets played out youll just stop playin but if theres some EEs you got a sidequest and some story filler for continuation and progression of maps.

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I dont really care, I mean, I just play to have fun. I know the story line by heart and I believe that it is cool that they continue the story line till moon. Even in CotD, They add actors and still have the original team behind a steel wall!! ITs AWESOME!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D :D

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