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Golden Rod and Focusing Stone.


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Ok so you all of you know that whenever you are Richtofen you hold the golden rod in your inventory. Well I did the EE the second day moon came out and decided to play right after. When the game started I was Richtofen and I noticed I had the focusing stone in stead of the golden rod. I believe you must have done the Shangri-La EE to have it in your inventory to begin with. But what I'm confused about is what happens when you do the Easter Egg with the focusing stone instead of the golden.

Are the results different? Or do you use the focusing stone instead when using the pyramid? Has anyone ever tried doing it with the focusing stone?

Every time I get focusing stone I don't have the people and/or not in the mood to do the EE. 75% of me thinks the EE plays out the usual way because when you are hacking the computers as richtofen and put the golden rod between the two metal plates you can see the focusing stone in the middle of the golden rod; even when you have the golden rod.

What do you guys think? Does anyone receive different results?

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You'd probably just need to golden rod too, although this has not been tested.

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tried this today because we kept spawning with the stone.

the easter egg just stops at the computer. the stone just stay in your inventory, doesnt go in between the tiles, nothing, it sucked.

Did you have the wire? Because I completely almost gave up before I remembered the wire.

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