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Have you seen the little girl ?


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Oh gawd.....Oh lord....do you know how evil that would be too have those two as Best Friends....its bad enough both are ghost with Ridiculously strong powers, but now were talking about warping reality!!

But you are true, She will now either be shown to light to get a real glimpse at the Aether Child, some way or another her looming shadow only spell doom, despair, and cute giggling from her to our hero's .

She won't stop till she destroys them.

Just the very thought gives me the chills, I've never been a fan of creepy little girls, but Alma and Sam fasincinate me and we've basically been stocked by Sam since Day 1, still with no physical appearance whatsoever.

Look real close and you can tell that its just an astronaut and the "teddy bear" is just another astronaut in and the distance.

No its not, how can someones shadow literally shade like a fourth of the entire moon? Better yet, notice that in the bottom panel, what looks to be our heroes are in a long pit, that shadow even covers over that pit a bit.

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Who knows. I'd assume it's one of her toys since she's got more than just the bear introduced to us, but usually creepy little girls aren't creepy without a creepy ass bear.

Hell, could even be Gersh.

In Ascension, he specifically says "Hurry, she's coming!"

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Look real close and you can tell that its just an astronaut and the "teddy bear" is just another astronaut in and the distance.

I'm open minded, and as I still see much more of a girl with a teddy bear.. There are some problems with it being an astronaut. The legs are wayyyy too skinny to be inside of a suit.

Also, the second smaller shadow is attached to her hand.

Once again, look closely...er.

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I Can Totally See A Little Girl With A Stuffed Animal (Maybe A Bunny Rabbit?). As For The Questionable Shape Of The Shadow Perhaps She Is In Front Of The Digging Instrument That Is Shown In Some Pictures Of The Map, Which May Point To Her Making An Appearance At The End Of The Easter Egg Or In The Map In Some Way/Shape/Form?

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