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Text typing for the deaf

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I'm an avid fan of Zombies, but being deaf holds me back a bit, especially on levels like Shangri-La and Five. It would be most useful if you could enable a feature whereby you can type IN game rather than current setup.

Current set-up: press PS button -> PSN chatroom -> type message -> press PS button to return to game -> press start to unpaused game.

This is a major pain in the neck! And should be easily rectified. Please help make these games more accessible to deaf people. It would be much appreciated. I am looking forward to the up coming 'Moon' map but fear communication between team-mates may be even more essential than on Shangri-La. Hope to get a reply from you.


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Mate I think you should hit up Playstation as well, I'm sure they could put in an option of talk to text, which would make life much easier. When shit hits the fan I just need to be able to let you know we are leaving, if this option was there it would be much better. I haven't got time to press ps type anything and get back to game before I'm screwed!

Can you look into getting skype on a laptop that you can have next to you for next time we play? Chat would be much quicker but less obvious, and I'm sure we could find a basic talk to text, like Dragon or something.

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Good idea, will email Playstation as they will be more likely to do something in this regard. Tell me about it, I've lost count of how many times I've been downed due to trying to type a message between rounds! So frustrating!

I have a laptop and will look into skype.

Mystery box, yeah, don't have a mic, could get one. but then it'll be a strictly one way conversation and believe me you won't want to hear me. I can be like 'Hudson' from Aliens when he's trigger happy. Ha!

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Are you completely deaf or just very close to it? because i was just thinking that you could get some surround sound headsets and turn it up extremely loud. i have some, i thought i would go deaf from how loud it was.

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