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Need confimation for Richtofen's "voices"


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On Richtofen's page in the Call of Duty Wiki, someone claimed that while playing him on Ascension, you can actually hear voices, or a single voice, that whisper to him. The voice allegedly sounds like Richtofen. Presumably this isn't something you can hear while playing the other three characters.

The Wiki is probably one of the least trustworthy places to get information on Zombies for various reasons, one being that people have posted random, false, and, honestly, idiodic things in Trivia sections before. Not to mention, hearing Richtofen's voice while playing as him is far from unthinkable.

However, this was an interesting enough tidbit to warrant further investigation. Does anyone know anything about this? Or can anyone with a 360 try playing Richtofen on solo to see if you can hear anything?

The exact quote from the page goes: "In Ascension, it is possible to hear the voices in his head as when you play as him, the player might hear a whispering voice similar to his own telling him things."

Thank you for your time.

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Not sure, I will be on the look out for this...

Saying that I hear lots of weird stuff when playing as Richtofen...

I only used him in my videos so far as he normally has the biggest lines to move the plot forwards.

If you do watch my videos listen for these voices... I know I will...

Some of the loudest whispers I've heard are in Kino during a dog round in the pap room... It was quite freaky... :?

This is what has happened to Yuri too, in one of the Ascension Radios you can hear eerie beeps & whistles, straight out of silent hill, anyone remember that freakin radio!!! :?

The question now is. Who are these voices?

Okay so in the Der Riese Radio transmission where Richtofen attempts to kill Maxis & Sam by locking them in will Hellhound fluffy, Maxis in desperation to save his daughter drags them both into the teleporter and activates it just as hellhound fluffy attacks, they all got teleported away and became lodged in the Aether Realm.

Does any one here remember the fly?

Is that the bell? hmmm, Man gets his Dna spliced with a fly, nasty but great film if you haven't seen it you should, its a cult classic...

So is it some kind of demonic DNA fusion of Sam, Maxis & Hellhound fluffy here?

But I digress, my point is, who was talking to Richtofen, it can't be Sam or Maxis as they arn't yet in the position to do these things...

Okay so what now...

I have two theories on this.

The first, it is the Devil himself speaking to Richtofen, ala the Yosemite Sam quote from loonytunes "The devil made me do it"...

The second, the Illuminati are in control of Richtofen via advanced psychotronic weapons and they serve the lightbearer.

Either way you get back to the Devil is the voice that tells Richtofen & Yuri to kill...

Sorry this was a spontaneously long post, hehe...

Hope it helps... :?

Regards Snake.

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there are no sound files to prove this, and it seems nobody has directly expierenced it. im rendering the ascencion quotes soon so i shud have them up tomorrow morning (night long render/upload session)

btw, i have not looked for them, but the whispers for kino are not in the zombie files themselves, perhaps a reused bit of SP audio?

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im probably wrong, but i thought i read on here somewhere that Richtofen is turning into a zombie? or he had 115 in his system from prolonged experimentation with it or something. again, im probably wrong, but it could be one half of him trying to control himself, and the other half telling him to do things.... im just a simple stoner who plays zombies for FUN, i dont play religiously. so please don't flame meh?

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"Normally the voices sound so ANGRY!" Is a quote at the beginning of the level, it's unavoidable, it's not that.

Once though half way through a game i had Richtofen say something like "Those damned voices!" But i didn't hear any kind of whispers or anything.

I call BS unless anyone wants to prove me wrong

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OK OK SHUT UP SHUT UP I WILL TELL THEM. uh i was not just talking to my self. u did not just hear that. i dont hear voices in my head. NOW GET OUT OF MY HEAD U IDIOT VOICE. uh once again u did not hear- SHUT UP.

but on a serious note i have never heard voices when playing as Richthofen. it was probably just some thing made up by some body. and that my friend is why u never trust any thing on wiki. unless of course u know it is fact. u know what even if u know it is fact dont trust it. only trust your gut than. unless it is on wiki to. than in that case do not trust it at all. well maybe a little.

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