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  1. ...... the easter egg is done and over with.... "ITS OVER MAN, GAME OVER, GAME OVER" lol, no but in all seriousness, everything that could be thought of for the "final part of the easter egg" turned out to be nothing more than theories. and im almost positive these have both been tried. sorry :/, i mean, try it if you want too, IMO your just going to be dissapointed to find out that the 90 second death machines were a slap in the face to all easter egg hunters everywhere.
  2. im probably wrong, but i thought i read on here somewhere that Richtofen is turning into a zombie? or he had 115 in his system from prolonged experimentation with it or something. again, im probably wrong, but it could be one half of him trying to control himself, and the other half telling him to do things.... im just a simple stoner who plays zombies for FUN, i dont play religiously. so please don't flame meh?
  3. your right, that makes more sense. lol.
  4. i know the search button isn't working and stuff, and no one else is prob, on to answer you... but you might want to just take this off before you get flamed on dude. lol, look on the forums for fourth lander related things. its been no-clipped i think and people have looked everywhere, there's no fourth lander, sorry to burst your bubble.(:
  5. you sir, have been marked as a TROLL in my book. GTFO this site. i don't like to flame, but ctfo. get real.
  6. That's killer, and the thing about the thunder gun is wicked.. i really thought treyarch was copying District 9. there was a gun in that movie that had the same shot as the thunder gun, blew my mind when you said it had some historical background. haha.
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