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Create a Class 2.0 in Zombies


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I can see this fitting in pretty nicely, as it could help players show off their zombie killing skills in-game. For example they could have their record round on the particular zombie match etched into their gun, much like the tallies etched onto the gun on the preorder poster.

(If this thread exists already I'll delete this.)

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I was kinda thinking along the lines of just adding skins and tallies to the guns you can get in-game rather than customising an entire class. Obviously you would still start off with a pistol, just the pistol may have stickers and stuff on it, that's all. Also, yeah, customising your character, but I didn't mean customisable classes, sorry for not being clearer. (Don't mind the grammar, it's European)

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yeah its such bs they most likely wont have gore in mp. they showed it was possible in [email protected] and now they took it out? but a lot of what makes zombies awesome is all the body parts lying around!

Tell me if i'm wrong, but i wouldn't be surprised if the gore was a contributing factor to the messed up hit marker system in [email protected] Not saying that gore is a bad thing, because i would love to see it return, but it just might not be as easy as many would expect.

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